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Powder coating

By philberesford - Posted on 04 March 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I have a mate who needs his steel frame sandblasting and clear coated. Can anyone recommend anywhere?

Cheers in advance.

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Gripsport seems to come up a lot whenever this question is asked.

Thanks Hawkeye, that place sounds great. At $150 to blast and recoat a steel frame doesn't sound too bad either. Although they are based in VIC so you'll need to add postage onto that.

FTR the website should anyone else be interested is:

If anyone knows of somewhere more local, please speak up Laughing out loud


Call Dean on 9938 5042

Thanks Nick Laughing out loud

for the guys at Brookie...did my old Columbus SLX roadie and it came up great. price and service was great!

I had my vintage road frame restored to its original glory by Stan at Bike Addiction. Cut all the rust out, brazed on new cable guides, fixed a few dings, sandblasted, resprayed a spiffy pearl white, recreated the original decals and a few clear coats to finish it off.

Could probably have found cheaper, but more than happy to pay for the great service and a top quality job.

This is your specialty Takis

Give northshore powdercoating a go. There work looks up to scratch. Ive only heard good things. I think there in artarmon from memory.

Good luck!

Do a lot of bikes and apparently they do very good work although it can take awhile

Hi - its not powder coating, but on a similar topic - does anyone know of a business that will do small batch anodizing?
I have a set of Cannondale Hollowgram cranks that need to be black again, and have so many scratches on them that I want to just get them re-done. Its a super small job, but maybe someone knows someone....

Give these people a call Anthony - I know they're one of the big boys of anodising, but worth a phone call.

T - 8788 2000



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