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Norco Sight 7.1 v Nukeproof Mega TR

By smelmichiz - Posted on 09 March 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm currently on a cheap 29" hardtail and after a few journeys over the bars am looking for something that will allow me to hack down hill with more confidence, yet be ok on the flats and back up too.
After looking at and riding a few different 27.5 dual suspension models including Giant Trance, Scott etc, I'm leaning toward either the Norco Sight 7.1Alloy or the Nukeproof Mega TR Race. Both around 3.2K - 3.5K

Looking for opinion on these bikes I loved both for the confidence I got downhill. Nukeproof seemed heavier but smashed it everywhere I pointed it, the Norco was light and agile and almost as good downhill. I felt at home on both.

I've been riding for only a few months so still on a steep learning curve. Oh yeah, I'm about 50 and I'll be taking the bike to the C2C this year too!
Looking forward to your opinions......


29ers are better for that kind of event riding, and with a slightly slacker geometry than the hardtail you've been riding will cope with descents reasonably well while still being quick on the flat and climbs.

I'm your age, had been looking to get a 29er for a few years before finally pulling the trigger on one mid 2013 and see no advantage in smaller wheel sizes for the kind of riding I like to do which is on the technical end of XC.

If you are more into "All Mountain" style riding then a mid travel 27.5 could have plenty of merit, but unless you have a few years moto experience or are coming from another balance and agility sport, at our age the skills and reflexes for that kind of thing take awhile to acquire and we're not made of rubber like we used to be. It will take awhile to acquire the skills to get the most from that kind of bike and in the meantime your lugging around a lot mire bike than you need.

Spesh, Cannondale and Norco all have really good 29er product in the 100-120mm travel range that would be perfect.

smelmichiz - I was in a similar predicament, only my crappy bike was a 26" hardtail Trek.

12 months later I opted for a 2013 -Norco Sight B2 - 27.5 wheels, awesome bike, you'll have no complaints with the 7.1.

Re the Nukeproof never ridden one so cannot comment.

I've got a carbon xtc 29er and a 2013 reign 1. I commute 50km daily on the 29er and rode it in the C2C last year - I have found it perfect for both and totally recommend. I use my reign for mtb rides, jumps and riding with the family. I found both bikes 'as new' on Gumtree for $3200 combined.

I've had a quick ride on the Mega and also on a carbon Sight. The Mega just felt perfect, comfortable and rode light even though it is heavy to pick up, it felt like the kind of bike you could ride all day. The Sight felt agile, light and super fun to ride but I wonder how it would go for longer distances. I think if I was going to have one bike I would consider the Mega and aim to lighten it up. If I could also have a 29er I would go for a Sight which seems to be getting some top reviews.

Either way it sounds like you're going to have a great bike to ride.

Have fun!

Thanks for the comments Hawkeye. I have been windsurfing since I was a kid and so feel my balance etc isn't too bad. I recently tried out the bikes out at Gunjin downhill and found these dual suspension bikes so much more fun than the bum smacking hardtail.

As for not being made of rubber - yeah, broke my collarbone last September out at Langford. (I was following a 14 yr old over a jump ......... )

Cheers Pommygit - I think I'm leaning toward the Norco.

I agree the Mega felt heavy in the hand - but rode sooo well. It just hammered through the downhills like it wanted more.
The Norco I tried was a 27.5 and I think I'll go in that direction, it felt so light compared to the Mega. I don't like the idea of buying the Mega with a plan to immediately lighten it up. If I had the cash for the Mega TR Pro instead of the Mega TR Race I would probably do that.

Norco currently on special as well - so maybe the gods have spoken.

Have you thought of doing the Mega as a Custom build to get what you want from the start?

I didn't go down this road because I guessed it would take me past my $3.5K budget.
Ended up putting a deposit on the Norco today - $3,149.00 thought it was a bargain!

'Tis a lot of travel for an endurance XC event bike - you'll get a good workout Smiling

Ditch the shifter n mech n chuck on a nasty, less cables in drop a coupla hundy grams, or lick out the front mech n use as a guide n ditch shifter, drop around 300grams for free,worked on my bikes anyway, go Norco!!!

Lock out front mech n ditch shifter, or fit a bashy n ditch both, hope that makes sense

Ive a 2014 sight and love it, great fun, accelerates fast and 140mm travel feels surprisingly easy to climb with. Ive taken mine everwhere from 4 hr solo and mont 24 to rotorua and all day adventures.

Great feedback, thanks all. Looks like my mate is getting the Trek Fuel 9 (or maybe 8 carbon) so I look forward to smashing him on the new 7.1 Sight Sticking out tongue

Norco FTW!!

Norco is a good solid choice, it's a great bike for the technical sections, a bit heavy and the groupset setup is bit dated. Look at taking a few kilos off by swapping wheels out for carbon ones, changing to tubeless etc. The more weight you can shave off the wheels the beter it'll perform in the single track. Got a few goodies from these guys: they have a few opening specials coming like carbon MTB wheel sets at 999$ a set! Used a set of these at capetocape last year, really stiff and responsive, zero issues except regular trueing and re tensioning after races.

I did the cape2cape last year on a fully rigid carbon 29er, it worked well on the sand and it was on form for the 2-4th days due to being so light. Going over the bars I recon Is the operators fault

Thanks Ndoep - I was trying to blame my old bike - however you may have a valid point.
As for Carbon wheels - that'll probably push the minister of finance to breaking point - but certainly a future consideration.
Will almost certainly go tubeless asap.

Mate it's all starts out so I need a new's gonna reduce the doctors bills...we get the bike then we gotta pimp it! You may as well start buying flowers, opening doors, pulling out chairs etc in preparation for the carbon wheel sale

LOL! Trouble is MTB isn't even my No. 1 hobby. Windsurfing takes most of the cash, then modifying my Subaru, then - well yeah, MTB comes in at No. 3.
Todays other expenses - $1300 pool chlorinator, $1400 Macbook Air for youngest daughter who just started Uni. $4.50 dodgy pie for lunch.

Them carbon wheels tho ..........

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