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Track pump recommendation

By Pete B - Posted on 13 March 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm after a decent track pump that is both high volume for mtb but also does high pressure for the road bike. One with a gauge would be good too.

What do you recommend?


I thought this day would never come!

for Xmas my wife (who must be a mind reader, or just good at picking up on clues..) bought me a track pump as a gift.
It is the snazziest track pump you can buy, and when the chance comes around, I love showing it off!

Its one of these....

It pumps up tyres very well. And is basically amazing in all regards.
I will also have it for my entire life. However, the Specialized track pump it replaces works very well, is reliable, and does everything you need it to do - just without the wankery.

Who doesnt love a bit of track pump wankery?!?

Pwoar $450

I didnt pay! Eye-wink

It is a beautiful piece of kit. The nicest tool I own for certain, and frankly will certainly get the most use of any tool I own - more even than the workstand (which is roughly the same price).....

I'd be looking at the Bontrager pump that can build up pressure to seat tubeless tyres. I've never used one but have heard they are awesome.

The limited edition pegoretti painted silca pumps are worth sacrificing your lefty for.....

Giyo make good pumps. I have one of their mini pumps in my Camelbak and it's a really neat little telescopic thing that pumps high volumes *and* high pressures for not as much effort as you'd expect.

For a track pump, I'd be inclined towards one of these for MTB

But not sure how it would cope with Road - I have a Topeak track pump.

but lets face it $450 for a floor pump is just silly.
you could get a nice dropper AND a floor pump for that kinda money! Eye-wink
I have a one of these that's a few years old now and its great for both my roadie (am I allowed to say that here? ) and my mtb

+1 for the Bontrager, if I have to buy a new pump I'd definetly buy this one. If you think you dont need it every pump that says SKS or Toppeak on it is a very decent pump.

I'm in Perth. Got recommended the Lezyne pump above and it isn't for me. Especially with Presta valves it easily unscrews the valve dumping your Stans out on the floor. Yes people told me there is a sweet spot but it's introducing a problem I never had. Yes you can buy a normal head instead of a stupid screw on head (and a digital screen for the obsessive). Nice build quality though.

Use it now only on a commuter with Scraeder (Car) valves on it.
I've been meaning to get rid of it. I'd take $50 (new was $80 from memory). Bought a Joe Blow Turbo and never looked back:

I've got a Spesh pump and it's great, but have to admit I would be onto the Bontrager if I was buying again. Can't be long before they all have the air receiver built in.

Got the bontrager flash charger and it is a nice thing. The "flash" function looks like it will be worth it's weight in gold next time I just want to add some stans before a ride and not have to use my soft drink bottle ghetto setup. Problems include the fact that if your not using it in flash mode just say you want to top up your tyres, the pressure from your tyre goes back and fills the pressure chamber, thus deflating you tyre before you inflate tyre and chamber to matching pressure, mildly annoying only. Also for a pump designed for low pressure, the gauge in the 20psi area is very compact and hard to read. It does go up to very high pressure for the flash function so should do road pressures ok.

The Silca one will definitely last Ants lifetime. A cheaper and very good option, which does valve types, is a BBB one. Approx $100. Go.

I've been happy with my Jet Black track pump for less than $100. Does my mtb's, Roadie and it's worked on beading the tubless mtb and cx tyres for their respective bikes.

Thanks for all the replies. The Bontrager Flash does look good but at $200 is a bit more than I was going to spend. And a $450 pump! Wow! Does look great though.

I have the trusty old Joe Blow steel one coz it's cheap and strong, I had a fancier Blackburn before that but the chuck died pretty quickly. Next one will be a birzman for sure, their chuck is the best out there.

Just checked what I actually have. Its the Jet Black Big Fella.

Quick link I pulled from google.

Saw the price cheaper elsewhere also. Have been using mine for around 2 years without a problem.

I bought one from Costco about 2 years ago for $14 And still going strong it even has a gauge and is orange!
I have used it plenty of times to seal tubeless tires without any issues

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