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Top up sealant?

By C3PO - Posted on 15 March 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all,
I'm running tubeless and got a puncture today - a piece of steel ended up in my tyre. I pulled it out and a bit of sealant came out. I put it hole side to the ground and lent on it and it self sealed. So far all good. I was on my way home and the ride home was fine. I've since pumped it up hard and it's pretty solid.
Do I need to add more sealant or just let it be as it's all good? If so what's the best way (I've heard of people using a syringe??)
FYI the tyres are only about 4 weeks old and a lot of sealant was used originally and all is working fine.
Thanks heaps.

If it's more than a couple of millimitres I'd be inclined to apply a glue type tube patch on the inside of the tyre.

I think you're probably OK. Just check it in a month or two and keep an eye on how well it maintains pressure in the meantime.

When you top up the sealant, rather than inserting via the valve stem I'd take off one tyre bead and visually check it. Sometimes latex aliens from another dimension can grow in there and the infestation needs to be removed. Putting a glue tube patch over the hole seems to shut the wormhole. Eye-wink

Thanks heaps - makes sense.
Will leave it for now.

I put a big hole in one that didn't seal because I hadn't topped up the sealant for a while (managed to complete another first that day and forgot my pump too!!) when I got back the hole was about 4mm long and I thought there was no way it was going to seal. I put some new sealant in there and it sealed it straight up and It's completely airtight 6 months later.

I've never had any luck with stick on patches for the inside of the tire because the sealant leaves a huge mess in there and I cannot get them to stick reliably.

I think you'll be fine with it....

The self adhesive patches suck. They're only for emergency use for roadies whose ride buddies don't want to wait for the glue to dry.

You need to replace them with glue patches when you get home because they move and leak.

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