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Caroline Buchanan - Stealth Bike Ad

By ChopStiR - Posted on 16 March 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Caroline Buchanan has featured in a Stealth Bikes advert on facebook.
In her facebook status she did make note "No Mountain Bike trails where harmed in the making of this film"

This is a mountain bike site. Please don't talk about motorbikes on here.

Caroline is a Mountain Bike and BMX word champion. The topic is more along the lines of her doing the ad. By no means do I actually want to promote the motorbike. I feel like she has sold out here! I feel disappointed that she has done the ad.

What a terrible advert!

I agree on not giving them any publicity on here, there's a place for them but it's not on MTB trails.

But just have a look on her FB page where all these wankers want to ride or get one!!!

I wonder how she would feel if it was a film that featured motor bikes riding on a bmx track she had built.... Even if it did state "no bmx tracks were hurt in the making of the film"

I think Caroline is awesome. Her association with these unregistered motor bikes is her choice but they have a bit of a way to go to get the required level of acceptance for use on mountain bike trails.

She's dropped a long way in my estimation.

Pretty sure i saw pedaling on that vid... and i think relevant for more than one reason. could be classed as e-mountain bike like the Lapiere Overvolt or similar.

Got to make money somehow, especially in a sport where sponsorships for women are lower than men. Was very telling that she won the 4X at the Worlds in Canberra without a bike sponsorship.

Really what is there to object to in electric bikes? It isn't mountain biking as we know it, but opens up possibilities for other riding that isn't as "pure". Assistance for gravity riding saves on utes on dirt roads or the need for lifts which is good. This would be low horse power and less weight than a trail bike so less damaging to trails.

I wouldn't want one, I am a ludite wrt mtb technology, but can see the use if this technology develops in certain circumstances. May not be pure riding but its a pretty obvious usage of improving battery technology and efficiency or motors.

Clearly everyone missed the point that the world has been through a zombie apocalypse.
Zombies are attracted to noise, and brains I assume.
Motos make too much noise.
All valid I reckon

They are for people who do not want the smell,noise,heat & full on scary acceleration of a Moto so they will want one of these & think they can be ridden where Moto's cannot be!

Bureau of Land Management controls most of the key areas there and have banned anything with a motor including e-bikes from single trail in US Parks and Reserves. understand the need to pick up sponsorship dollars to support her riding somewhere but this one's a poor call IMHO..

could not dis agree more, she pedaled its a bike, its not one of those petrol driven houso jobbies, and its all sponsorship dollars to her, can anyone even confirm that the footage was on legal mtb trails or part of a private property, and to be honest im pretty sure that was filmed her in aus so US has nothing to do with it, as the yellow suzuki was an aussie model

It is a motorbike.

Max power for an ebike under the exception that allows them to not be registered is 250w. This exceeds that by a factor of 10-20 times, depending on model.

They are a *registrable vehicle* under the vehicle registration acts of all states and territories. The fact it has a set of pedals is incidental, and the law sees through to that fact.

There was a recent case decided in the Qld Court of Appeal on this very issue where the woman's acquittal by the magistrate was overturned and she was convicted of unlicensed operation of an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

Ultimately she wasn't fined because she was able to demonstrate reasonable steps had been taken to determine if the ebike was exempt, but the legal principle was upheld:
1: anything with a motor is registerable unless it fits the exemptions.
2: it is up to the operator to prove it meets the exemptions, not the Police.

I can explain more on the second part if there is interest.

wow I actually think that the people most bent out of shape are the ones that cut corners and take short cuts to get their Strava times down.
Look out now
"he who rides stealth bike will rule koms"

and avoid zombies

I totally support the use of stealth bikes on our the case of zombie apocalypse.

you guys are a little up tight a girls gotta eat !!
Good on her for making money where she can as I bet she cant make any or much from riding a mountain bike

I'm more concerned about the impacts on trail advocacy.

These contraptions masquerading as bicycles make it harder than it needs to be.

Fortunately sightings on public trails have been rare. I hope it stays that way.

Pretty sure that at 10 large there aren't going to be a lot around, any where.
KOM's are safe...
Although when the zeepocalypse happens I'll have one of them and a Bushmaster thanks very much.

either way i would bet my life, that in any state of this fine land it is not a registrable vehicle, it has pedals, chain and an electric motor,no lights, no blinkers, would not would not comply with any AUS standard or any motor vehicle act, calling it a motorcycle insults me and most likely the other 2.3 million aussies who ride motorbikes, and that doesnt include those pathetic folk who ride scooters and class themselves as motor bike riders, in any way it is a bicycle, that you pedal, do i want to see them on our trails not really but if there out there then so be it, but in all honesty i would rather see one of these then a full blown 450 dirt bike out there, and for all those claiming these as a motorbike, can you please remove your head from your rectum, have a good look around, please understand the differences between the types of bikes out there, i thought this was a mtb site, not a roady bitch fest, big woop, miss buchanan did an add that she wold of received money for, good on her for making some money....... sooks

If you bet your life, you're now dead. Smiling Who should we notify? Eye-wink

You're right it's not going to be compliant with the ADRs and will be refused registration until those compliance issues are fixed, but the fact it has a motor makes it a "registrable vehicle" (ie, must be registered to be used in a public space) in every state and territory in Australia, and New Zealand.

I can't be arsed investing the time to pull out all the legislative references but you might like to look at the following articles and reconsider your views:

Now sometimes Police and the media can get it wrong, so lets look at case law:

From a paper from the Centre for Road Safety, Transport for NSW by Leavy and Denoury discussing the proposal to lift the power limit from 200W to 250W found at

For example, in NSW, in Matheson v Director of Public Prosecutions (NSW) [2008] NSWSC 550, a person’s conviction for riding a registrable motor vehicle rather than a power assisted pedal cycle was upheld on appeal because, in the magistrate’s words, “The motor is the primary and most often if not on all occasions, the sole means of propulsion.”

In another case in New Zealand, a judge found in favour of the prosecution and included in the summary: “On the facts of this case, the [electric bicycle] is a pedal assisted powered cycle not a power assisted pedal cycle, because the primary mode of power is its electric motor and not pedal power”. (Reference: Judge Rollo in Police V Herbert [2009] DCR 898.)

The rest of the article contains discussion around the 200 vs 250W and higher limits in other jurisdictions and other issues.

There are plenty of similar cases if you care to look for them. The law is very well established.

To call us sooks when you are sooking about it being called a "motorbike" seems a bit rich...............

The only part that ticks me off! Is the fact I can't afford one

Saw a guy riding one of these down Possums the other day. He had running gear on, was braking excessively and dropping old tubes and gel packets while yelling "Strava run!". Think he was having a ciggie,too.

Was he eating pancakes?

The mysterious and rarely seen, SpokeyDokey.

Oldandslow, the reason I've been quiet is I don't want anyone knowing I have one of these new-fangled contraptions. I'm actually doing secret undercover testing for Huw Kingston. He's got a ultra-old veterans category in this year's Fling and certain class engines look like being allowed. Well, there's that story and there's this one: footy season has started and combined with the cricket World Cup, there's been some serious couch and beer time. I'm even fatter and more unfit, so why not try one of these new bikes? And yes, I was eating pancakes. Deal with it, hombres. BTW, Caroline needs to earn a quid. I'd help her out but...

your earlier claim of a contraption masquerading as a mtb is correct, thats all it is, you claim it is a motorbike then admit that it doesnt comply with any adr rules for motor vehicles, just for reference, take your pick from below note for the second one, it would need to be classed as LA or LC, it is neither therefore not a motorcyce, as a vehicle examiner within the AIS (Australian Inspection Scheme)this is a long way from being a registrable vehicle and in no way classifies as a motorbike as you and others have claimed, it may well be an e-bike on roids but thats all it will ever be

"Registrable vehicle" is a legal term defined under the various State acts. It has nothing to do with whether you can actually get it registered mate.

Essentially, any conveyance with a motor is a "registrable vehicle" under the various State Acts - even ride-on Eskys.

Get caught riding it in a public space without rego or a license and you're in for a world of legal hurt. It can't be registered? Tough luck. Here are $1500 in fines and a court attendance notice.

There are exceptions for power assisted pedal cycles under 250W, but these Stealth pedal assisted powered cycles (note the distinction) will never fit the exceptions, either because the power is way over the limit, or because the electric power is the main source of propulsion, not the rider.

That's the law. If you want to argue otherwise I'm sure the magistrate will listen, but like I've done he will ultimately refer to the Acts of Parliament and legal precedent established by case law to decide your case. And it will go the same way as all the others.

You mean wikipedia didn't have all the facts...

My day is ruined

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