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Posting a bike

By Jonathan - Posted on 19 March 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi guys just a question for those of you who have sent a bike interstate.

How did you do it? And roughly how much am i looking at dollar wise?

Im selling a bike and theres someone who wants we to post it to S.A and im having trouble getting a quote.

Any ideas?




I've sent a few to Queensland that I've sold.
Box it all up and once you know the dimensions and weight, you can get a quote.
Can't remember the courier though?

I used to shipped up a frame to Cairns.
The buyer prepaid it and emailed me through the consignment node. I had to box it up and dropped it of at one of their depot.

How well do you know your Local bike shop? Drop in and have a chat with them, they will have contacts within freight industry and a spare box or two and might be able to help you out?

I have used . It easy to get a quote and the couirer pick it up from your place. Just punch in the bike box dimensions and weight and post code in adelaide somewhere to get a rough idea.

Pack and send are quite good, they are a agent for StarTrack express.

p.s. I have no affiliation with them just have used them a lot for residential deliveries

Thanks fellas. All good options!

So far my quote has gone from $650.00 to $110.00 which i'm pretty damn happy about. Lets just hope he buys the bike now Laughing out loud

over the years ive done around 15 plus, smart send were good but have a habbit of sending an email later claiming box was overweight or over dimension, on BNA website theres been a lot of complaints, pack and send are grossly over priced, your best bet is ego couriers, there just an online booking agent that fills the spare space with larger comapanies like tnt and allied, i got a 10 kilo roadie inc box and other stuff melb to syd for $38 insured

With smartsend after they send you the letter what happens?

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