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What to clean my brake calipers with?

By BIGnige - Posted on 25 March 2015

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Guys any recommendations as to what to use to clean my calipers?
I have a bit of brake drag and assume the pistons aren't going back all the way.
Want to give them a thorough clean but always wary of contaminating them.


How old are they??

More often than not brake drag isn't caused by sticking pistons.

If it is usually a drop or two of brake fluid is enough to free them up!

Have you checked your rotors to make sure there isn't a slight buckle? Also to much fluid in the system can cause brake drag. I would bleed them first and make sure you use a bleed block to space the pistons correctly!

try take a bit of brake fluid out or bleed them. There might be a bit too much fluid in the system causing the pistons to push out.

Automotove disc brake cleaner does the job for me.

I'm not sure I'm comfortable with letting free brake fluid get that close to my pads.

IN my experience, sticking is caused by pad and trail residue sticking to the side of the piston. Cleaning the side of the piston with a cotton tip and brake fluid has generally brought my caliper back to life and gotten both pistons to retract equally

Thanks for the replys guys.
They've only just started doing it so I'm assuming fluid levels are right.
I think it's maybe just accumulated crud on the side of the pistons.
Will give that a go first anyway.
Thanks again

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