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Frameskin Fitting

By brakeburner - Posted on 26 March 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Has anyone got any experience with letting a shop apply a frameskin here in Sydney? I have read that Alan from frameskin does actually fit these for a reasonable fee and apparently does a flawless job but he's down in Canberra. Looking for actual experience recommendations please, if not, I may have a pop at it myself.


I did it by myself and it was pretty easy I only used my wife hair dryer for a couple of places and it was flawless till the day that my bike was stolen (3 years later). The only part where it came off, was from the right crank arm but I bought and extra set and re-apply every year or so.

It's easy

How's your patience?

If I could pay someone a$100 to do it , I could of gone for ride instead with mucho enjoyment and my garage walls wouldn't have heard any swearing. Ring round the upmarket shops, anyone whose done more than 10 will do it much better than you.

OR, smear vaso on your riding glasses and you'll never know the difference

Wouldn't it be like any other decal application, can't you just use soapy water to get them where you want or do they need to stretch with heat to fit properly.

I don't bother washing my bikes so I never see the scratches, works a treat and costs $0.

so easy. Grab a beer, headphones, hairdryer and a seat to sit on just follow the instructions.

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