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So close

By beetle - Posted on 30 March 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Mont 24hr 2015
Cadence &Co White
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Open male team of 4
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What a great weekend . We only had one team to beat , that being our sister team of Cadence & Co Black.
After our first 4 laps there was only a second separating us . We were lucky to get through the next 4 with a carbon rim pulling spokes and showing severe signs of stress . This left 3 Leftys and only 2 front wheels . I couldn't help being on a Superfly. .The boys managed to change between the laps for the next 14 hrs.
The night was pretty mild , was getting pretty tired as I hadn't been to well at the end of the week and started bleeding 2 minutes per lap. At dawn I went out for the final dark lap but had heaps of trouble seeing as the fog was so thick and mixing with the dust . I returned from this lap to a different rider in transition . All I got in the quick transition was that our number one rider had hit a tree at high speed , was alright but couldn't continue .
Lucky l still only had one more lap left and managed to get some speed back . The boys backed up with 2 more hot laps each but unfortunately 3rd place was to far ahead.
We managed to beat the Black team who came in 2 positions behind in the open . They also had misfortune with a few punctures.
A long drive home . I was shattered when I finally got there and was in bed at 6.30 , to tired to even eat .
A big thanks to Cadence & Co , Design ,Construction and Landscapes for the organising and sponsorship of the teams.

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