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27.5 rear wheel

By ride_4_life - Posted on 31 March 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I have a giant trance sx that I use for all mountain riding. Back wheel has gone a bit egg shaped after a few medium sized drops. I am clueless / uninterested in gear specs. Basically I want a good solid wheel that can handle some abuse and is reasonably priced. Any suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks


Not sure how to answer if you are interested in specs.

On hope pro 2 hubs laced with sapim cx ray spokes. Wide, strong and reasonable weight.

Stans Flow EX on hope pro II evo's - I've got a set (admittedly in 26") that I picked up for $350 2nd hand but look near new and straight.

there's a heap of options out us help you?

+1 on the Flow's

Have a set that's been on a couple bikes, white Industries hub and some thick DT spokes, heavy wheels, but after a couple 1000 K's (Convict 100's, Fling's, Mont's, Husky's, Kanangara, Back Yamma, Manly Dam laps, the odd Red Hill) and although they probably could benefit from a few turns of the spoke key.. I'd consider them bomb proof.

before mentioned Pacenti rims, the Pacenti's win hand's down. If you have a choice, get Pacenti's

Thanks guys for the suggestions. As to how much have I got to spend, probably somewhere around the $300 mark if that will get me something ok.

Are the options that you mentioned custom builds, or can I just buy from a single click, something like:

There seems to be lots of options that I have no idea about. On my bike the front wheel has a 15mm hub (or axle?) but the back is different and I read somewhere that it has some kind of converter. So presumably I can take the converter out and get a 15mm hub? As I said before I'm clueless about this!

... a trip to your local friendly bike shop for some sound advice.

That CRC custom build is pretty hard to go past. I have a hope Pro2 hub on my race wheelset. Buying it separate with no wheel built around it was $200 on its own and it's risen with the exchange rate since then!

From your lbs don't be an arse and run straight off to the internet buy the product from them. It's a prick of a move to do otherwise.

Pacenti..? sounds Italian? probably? I wouldn't know.

But now he has two solid rim options and two spoke options. everyone's a winner!

What's a bomp proof hub? while I have the hope pro thingy's, I'm yet to put thousands of K's on them and there's a bunch of complaints on the interweb about the freewheel failing.

My white industry hubs have not let me down yet.

I personally wont be using allow rims again after riding carbon!!!

I have carbon rims on my Intense Tracer and my M9 downhill bike and the difference is amazing. The are so stiff and strong!!

I will be upgrading the alloy rims on my 4inch Rocky Mountain to carbon soon as well!

You can get good quality carbon rims for $200 each with a years warranty!!

Carbon all the way!!

Why not just find a rim with the same ERD and re-use your spokes and hub. People say not to do it but I used to do two rims a year and have done five rims on this set of spokes and they are just needing replacing now.

I am running Flow EX rims as they are really forgiving on a hardtail, I had some Spank somethings for a couple of weeks but they were way too stiff so I ditched them, on a dually a stiffer rim may be better....?

The downside with carbon is they scuff up easily from hits by rocks and rail debris. Looks ugly after awhile. While my carbon rims are stiffer, stronger and accelerate better than my alloy hoops, I'll be keeping the alloy hoops on for general riding.

The heavier rims are better for training and it feels great to have the zippy carbon wheels on the bike race day Smiling

Bomb proof hub in my experience is a Shimano XT. Currently done 3000km on mine and only serviced once. Bonus is they're cheap too.

Edit; just checked Strava and my XT wheels have done 3400km on my old hardtail and 1800km on my current FS (Total 5200km for those who can't be arsed doing the maths) Touch wood they'll keep going for a long time yet!

Just spent an hour on the web fully geeking out on this stuff. What's the verdict on the straight pull vs j-bend spokes? Is the straight pull worth it?

No real benefit, except harder for the bike shop to find replacements if you break one.

Can be easier for machine built wheels to be made that stay true out of the box, as there is less need to stress relieve during the build depending on how the hub is configured

I have wheelsets with both. The better ones have J-bends and were hand built by a master wheel builder (not me).


In theory the J bend is where the stress develops so straight pull spoke eliminates that weak point

In practice in all my years of riding and wheel building I've never seen a spoke snap at the J bend...

All my spokes snap at the bend, doesn't matter what type I've had everything from DT Champion to CX-Rays and they all snap at the bend. Factory built wheels(not mine) I have repaired seem to snap at the spoke end, however both of these wheelsets had stock spokes that were too long and could not be trued as there was no available thread.

Do you ever stress relieve them?

Pretty much every spoke I've seen snap (Including my shop mechanic days) snapped where the big stick got caught in them.

Worng size pokes would be more of an use than whether they have a bend or or straight pull

Yeah I'm just really hard on gear, low pressures, a fat passenger and light weight rims makes stuff break. A nice stiff rim does stop me snapping spokes but you lose too much grip and comfort on a hardtail with tough rims, Flow EX is nice and forgiving, I like them on the back.

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