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Reverb dropper post

By Stujr - Posted on 02 April 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I just got a reverb dropper post and there is a little bit of sideways twist movement between the internal and external posts. It's not much maybe about 0.5mm side to side at the saddle nose, but it's enough to notice when ridding. Wondering if this is normal? Or if anyone has had the same issue?


I've got a secondhand Reverb that i haven't ridden with yet, but when I was checking fit prior to purchase it was about the same. To get rid of it completely and still have something that slides up and down you would need a square shaft with pin races similar to Lefty fork internals.

If you want more side to side slop, I'd suggest anything by Crank Bros. Lots of side play on offer there.

I have had one for just over a year and the play on this is normal and you will not notice this one bit.
Just make sure that you do not give it too much slack on cutting the hose or vice versa. Great bit of kit and a good purchase.
Have fun Smiling

I had my post for about 12 months when it developed the same problem, so I took it in for a service, long story short, SRAM replaced it under warranty. I picked my new seat post up on Wednesday.

The amount of play I had was not quite as bad as the example in this video:

A bit of side to side play is normal for a dropper post, even on brand new bikes they are like that

Thank you all for the info

I store my bikes off the floor by hanging them from the saddle.

Is it OK to continue doing this with a Reverb seatpost?

Not sure the official view but I don't even pick mine up from the saddle anymore Hawkeye. It feels to me there is a bit of movement if I do and in my mind it's something that is easy enough to avoid so why risk it. Not sure if you can hang your bike from the frame instead?

I think there's something in the paperwork that comes with the post that states that the bike is not to be picked up or clamped by the top part of the post.

Be on the safe side and only put pressure on from sitting on it.

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