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Fluid Trainers

By C3PO - Posted on 04 April 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi folks,
After many years avoiding the wind trainer this weather has forced me to dig out the old trusty machine. Unfortunately it's well past its used by date so I'm considering a new one.
All reviews say the Kurt Kinetic is the best but at $500 I'll pass. T7 have a Force Fluid on special - delivered for $213. Anyone used it and care to post their opinions?
FYI I happy to just use the roadie (save the mtb tyres) and prefer as quiet as possible.

I have a Cyclops JetFluid Pro for sale - $100. PM sent

.....this one

It is brand new and was won for first place in Masters at the Wilo a few weeks ago... and he already has a trainer and rollers.

Hard to go past for the price.

I'd take it but I've already got a KK Road Machine.

Sold on the Cycle Ops. Out of interest Hawkeye - is the KK as good as they say?

Yes Smiling

Especially when combined with a dose of this:

Just to throw another option into the mix, the take off of power based software controlled trainers like the KICKR has opened up a whole new aspect to training and indoor cycling.

I am currently trialling some new game like cycling software with which is a BETA trial. All I can say it takes indoor cycling to another level and experience, creating that community feel, into a simulated but realistic (albeit gamelike) experience.

With my KICKR and riding around ZWIFT island you get to 'race' others in that simulated world, set fastest lap times, qualify for sprint / green jersey and KOM challenges all whilst riding your bike.

I spent 90mins yesterday, and was actually dissapointed when my laptop ran out of battery. Now i am not afraid of the trainer but more than 1-1.5hrs is usually more than enough for me.

Even more surprising is on the zwift facebook page people are setting up 8am group rides to ride around the island albeit in a virtual world. Me personally would spend time outside unless atrocious conditions like yesterday but it goes to show you what technology can do and the changing environment we live in.

I am not affiliated with this product at all, but for those thinking of investing in indoor cycling have a look at what's out there and the capabilities as this is a fastly changing world.

On another note thank goodness the sun is shining today !!!

The Zwift software looks really interesting. It would definitely make the trainer more interesting than either Sufferfest vids or watching figures on the Garmin. Great that it's available to any trainer as long as you have a wheel speed and cadence sensor as well as an ANT+ dongle.

When the Android tablet support arrives, I'll give it a crack.

Due to the eyes playing up I was relegated to the trainer instead of the nice outdoor weather

Hitting the power level targets I set myself wasn't so easy Smiling

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