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CTMBC Easter Epic

By Flynny - Posted on 07 April 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Bit of a rough edit of our Easter ride,

Lithgow, Newnes forest, Blackdfellows Hands, Baal Bone, Capertee

I will have to catch up with you guys on one of these one day. I've just negotiated access through from our patch through to the Bicentennial trail and up to Baal Bone Gap.

Didn't even take the pushies up this Easter.

Nice Flynny.

We're heading back out there on Anzac day for an overnighter at Newnes. Really looking forward to it!

SLowpup. Where's your patch?

Up Baal bone gap would be horrid. Steep, soft and loose.

Hornet, we've a 50km race at Rydal Anzac weekend...

I really wanted to come on this one, but couldn't make it out. One day........

Sunnboys FTW!!!

Craig, I'm assuming that was your shuttle rig parked at the intersection all day Sunday?

We're about 5km off the tar.... tucked in against the national park.

The plan was to come around from Red Rock/Meadows Trail or up beside Crown Creek. Good to know it's horrid before I attempt the climb up to Baal Bone. Maybe I'll try walking it first, or getting dropped off at Newnes and riding out.

Nice. Red rocks is an awesome spot

Yeah that was my shuttle rig at the Crown Station road turn off.

Those trails look awesome. I hope to head up one weekend with a few fellas. Great video to showcase the trails. Good turnout too on what was a miserable few days.

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