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Time to get new forks

By ChopStiR - Posted on 21 April 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I have to either get my Stanchions replaced or buy a new fork.

I believe I will get something new so I have been shopping around and im not finding much to meet my specs.

My bike is a Giant Trance 2011, It needs:
taper steerer
15mm axle
5 inch travel
26 inch wheel

Currently looking at Fox 2015 32 Float 26 120 CTD O/C Evolution $633.00 at TBSM

Looking for suggestions for good alternatives but I am liking the FOX with the CTD?

Got a 2nd hand 2012 Fox 34 CTD Talas 130?-160mm if ur interested.

I've got a set of 2012 Rev World Cups, looking for $400 (currently on RB). 150mm travel, I can drop to any travel amount you like (loved the Dual Airs for that, and many other reasons).

Lovely forks, replaced due to heavier riding and Pikes Eye-wink

There's not a lot of love around for the open cartridge damper in the Evolutions. Most of us are stuck with them if that's what came on the bike, but if you're buying new then I'd suggest going for the FIT cartridge.

Also, the 26" Trances came with 125mm forks, so are you sure you want less travel rather than more? The Trance loves a 140mm fork if you like a few jumps & pointing it downhill, but if you're using it for mainly XC then fair enough.

XFusion Slant?

I threw a Vengeance on my hardtail and it has been magic, a friend had Lyrik on his bike and preferred the feel of my fork so he jumped ship as well. Solid forks for the money, unlike Fox they can go for a really long time without servicing and still feel the same day after day.

The CTD evolution open bath fork. Can be converted to the lasted CTD fit cartridge. Very easily.
You can pick up the FIT cartridge for a round $250. Bought a set on ebay cheap as know one wants them. Did the conversion to the FIT. Brand new fork for $350
Talk with Aaron at TBSM, if you need some advice on doing it.

Install a Lefty...

Or I'd check out X-Fusion. I love the 29" Trace, way better than the Reba and Fox Fit it followed. It moves very smooth through all it's travel and soaks up the big hits without fuss. Small bump compliance isn't excellent but really it's not much worse than the FIT when it's working as it should.

Use your WSMTB Club discount at one of the supporting shops. I got mine through Panthers.

See Morgan at EMR X fusion velevet 140mm is an excellent fork and is much nicer than my older fox float. Very happy.

I forgot to say that if you are 90kg plus an X Fusion air fork may not be the best choice, unless other models have vastly different internals to mine.

Buy a rock shock pike there almost half price on chainreaction at present. I replaced a fox 34 for the new Pike 150mm solo air.
By far the best fork on the market.
Little extra cash you will not regret

If you do go with a RS fork from overseas you do take a bit of a risk, Rockshox have a pretty shit reputation for quality control and as much as they say they have improved it for 20.......... they lie. Probably a quarter of the people I know that run Pikes have sent them back under warranty. However getting them repaired by NS or someone similar would no doubt be a lot quicker than going through Monza(not saying their warranty support is bad but things always happen quicker when you pay money).

Cheers guys for the offers for a second hand fork but I want to get myself something new at the moment. This may change depending on circumstances

A lot of support for the X fusion here.

My LBS did raise the issue with servicing support/supply. My LBS has never had an issue acquiring a compatible service kit for a fox fork, but has had issues in the past with other brands where once the model changes, that company also soon stops productions on the old models service kits. Has anyone had any issues getting service kits that are still compatible with their model of an xfusion fork?

@Fairy1, interesting that you brought weight up. I'm 102.9kg at the moment.

Yeah I am a similar weight and it makes quite a few air sprung forks feel crap. I believe some 2015(maybe all) are now using positive and negative air springs, the Pike does and I have no idea on Marz.

Forks with a coil neg spring work pretty well for normal weight people but with the air pressure fatties like me have to run squashes the poor little spring which makes them top out more harshly and make you more likely to lift the front on climbs. I bodged mine fitting a few spare bits I had lying around and it is a lot better than factory. I also changed my mate's coil version by heating, chopping and grinding the coil and fitting a longer firmer neg spring, it lets you run a firm spring and keep small bump sensitivity, suits a hardtail well.

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