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Shimano M8000 XT 1x11

By Pete B - Posted on 06 May 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Shimano have just done a media day and the first reviews are starting to come out. Hopefully the release date of August is wrong as I'd love to put this on my new bike build.

Going by the prices in this article and converting to A$ the full groupset excluding wheels, FD and front shifter comes to $1472.


Excluding front derailer and shifter!!! I like that. I had a good laugh. 1500 sounds a bit steep thou if thats true..


It is dear when you consider CRC are selling current XT 2x10 for $682 and XTR 2x11 (no 1x11 listed) for $1704.

On second thoughts, I may as well go for XTR!

If your going from the ground up consider sram as you need specific hubs and whatnot (still not sure about the price thou) but if your retrofitting, xt 11 speed all the way.

SRAM XX1 is ~$1,000 on CRC for just the essentials (RD, shifter, crank chain and sprocket).

Retrofit x11 would be the ticket... Worth considering for those of us still on 3x9... and I'm a SRAM drive chain man Eye-wink

Unlike mr fev ^ I'm now a shimano fanboy.
I was running a 2 x 10 set up. Made a simple switch to a single front ring ages ago. But when I broke a derailleur I was at a crossroads. Buy a new RD for around $250... Or upgrade to the new XTR M9000?
I chose the latter, and for the not so hefty sum of $650 delivered (Crc) i picked up a new drivetrain. (RD, Front shifter, cluster and chain)
I'm loving it.
Things to consider shimano 11 speed uses an 11/40 cassette.
SRAM x01 etc uses a 10/42, which is a bigger spread. (But you need an adapter to your rear hub ~ $100)

I run a 36t front ring and can get up all the inclines in my riding area (cascades, manly dam, Terrey hills). But it also allows me to keep up on the flats with traditional 2x or 3x setups.

Bottom line, it's not as expensive as you think to go xtr "drive train"

CRC has prices on their website.
A cassette, rear derailleur, rear shifter and chain is just over $300
It's all I need to go 1 x 11. Add on another 60-ish if you need a chain ring!
Mine is already ordered and awaiting for it to come available.

Thanks for the heads up, uppo75.

Full groupset exc. bb is $1085 - much more affordable!

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