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KMC Chain or Chain cleaner?

By webby - Posted on 20 May 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Im looking for the best/cheapest way to keep my chain clean.

I ride a Giant Trance 1 , with Shimano chain.
Is it worth it to buy a chain cleaner? If so can anyone recommend a good brand/cleaner?
Buy a KMC chain which is easy to remove and soak the chain in paint thinner?

You can use the quick links on Shimano chains

for what it's worth, i use a kmc link on shimano chain with no problems.

but i find it far more economic to go for the top-of-the-range chain. Reason is they last much longer, which saves the rest of your drive train.

I have the KMC X-10SL on my Scalpel. Well, actually, three of them. Running them in rotation (dirty one off, next one on) spreads the wear.

The 2010 XT drive train on my old Jekyll ended up being moved across to the Rize when I got it and is still going well, about 4 years worth of riding and 6,000+ km. Not bad for a horribly abrasive environment like we have here.

Currently I have about 2,700km on the Scalpel 29r and normally you would be looking at replacing everything by now if you'd been running the same chain all the time.

Very interesting read hawkeye. Might have to try that

I'm a big fan of roll'n'roll lube which cleans and lubes at the same time. I do it far more regularly than needed, at least every week, and clean the chain well with a rag as I do it and it looks like new with no grime or black crap. It's a 30 second job

Get a quicklink (connex, sram, shimano, kmc etc) there about $5.00 then install it with a chain breaker. next step go to supercheap auto and buy a few cans of heavy duty degreaser. step 3 every few rides take off the chain and put it in a bucket then degrease it and wash of degreaser. Step 4 reinstall your sparkling clean chain and re apply your lube of choice.

Ive tried everything and this works by far the best for me.

Good luck!


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