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Jockey Wheels

By webby - Posted on 21 May 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I need to replace my two Jockey wheels.
Is it worth paying double $$ ($50) to get ceramic jockeys over standard Shimano XT ones?
Is there any benefits?

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CRC currently have XT 10speed clutch rear derailleurs for $74 (SLX 10speed for $55).
Maybe consider a whlo new mech ?

I have never replaced the jockey wheels but would save your money & get the standard shimano ones.

Cheers, Daisy

The way i understand it the ceramic bearing can spin faster. So there will be less resistance with the bearings.....however the plastic is what wears out....your bearing will keep going forever but the wheel itself will be toast & need replacing regardless of how well your bearings will spin.

If the Jockey wheel is made of aluminium & has ceramic bushes.....perhaps that might be a different issue then

The best jockey wheels for the mtb are ones with well sealed bearings, and have a wheel which doesn't wear out quickly, and are cheap to replace.

Shimano jockey wheels are among the worst I've come across, and I wouldnt be buying those. One is a ball bearing which is ok, but the other wheel uses a bushing type bearing. This bushing can easily seize and create huge drag on your system. The plastic wheels dont last that long either.

Any lightweight jockey wheel will likely have poorly sealed bearings and will last a few rides only. In my opinion, these dont belong on a mtb.

Ceramic bearings are typically not well sealed and any marginal benefits (if any) will quickly be lost once dirt gets in the bearing. At that stage, you wont want to replace the bearing because you spent so much on buying it in the first place.

The best ones ive used are BBB which have a proper steel ball bearing and are well sealed with a fibreglass wheel. The other is a Mt Zoom bullet proof which uses a proper ball bearing and metal wheels. Ive had one set of these on my mtb for 3 years and theyre still great.

I've got SRAM on my current derailleur but I haven't ridden it long enough to be able to give any opinions yet.

Do the job cheap to replace.

I've been running a set of these since November. Well over 1000km on them in all sorts of conditions without a drama. For the price, unbeatable.

Another vote for BBB Rollerboys. Been running them for 5+years.

That reminds me... need to get a set for my most recent acquisition. Or I could swap them over from the old bike. They just keep going, with no appreciable signs if wear.

The ceramic bushing that came with my original 2010 groupset siezed within weeks.

a jockey wheel? Teeth wise? mine has completely disintegrated (literally just the bearing left!) so I don't know how many teeth it had on it, all I know is SRAM X-0 9 speed..

Google is your friend

but I think it says 11t

Surely the only way they can wear out is if the bearing runs dry or fills with crud?

I have never worn one out, I have lost a couple but I probably don't do as many km as you guys do.

The teeth wear out rather than the bearing. Keep going and you end up with a ninja throwing star where your cog used to be.
 photo download_zpsqvpc7yqi.jpg

I need new jockey wheels for my SRAM X9 on my 2012 Specialized Enduro. I went to my LBS and the very heplfull bloke rang BBB to confirm which wheels I needed. He was told the only ones for my X9 were BBB brand BDP-12 which are ceramic bearing and $50 a set. I can buy a new clutched X9 2.1 from chainreaction for $100. I dont want ceramic bearings and If these jockeys are my only option I would be better off buying a new mech with a clutch. Does anyone more clued up about jockey wheels than me know if my derailleur needs special jockey wheels, or if any 11 tooth 10 speed wheels will fit?

Thanks for your help

Given you have used the time of your very helpful local bike shop do the right thing and get what you need through him. It's the right thing to do

i got hope ones for forty or so on chain reaction
9 or ten speed, i may have some old spares if you want them
to get u out riding this weekend

Given you have used the time of your very helpful local bike shop do the right thing and get what you need through him. It's the right thing to do

Thankyou for the offer jackthelad but I am not desperate for them. I hear what you are saying jcl, and I do prefer to support my lbs, and if it was a case of paying $30 from chainreaction or $50 from my lbs I would be back to the lbs without a second thought. The trouble is it seems a waste to spend $50 on my clutchless X9 when for $100 I can upgrade to clutched X9 2.1

After much research and advice from bike shops, it seemed apparent that my 2012 X9 rear mech needed specific jockey wheels. According to BBB, the $50 ceramic bearing BDP-12 wheels were the only ones that would fit. I could not stomach spending $50 on an old mech so was considering buying a new rear mech for about $100. Before this I thought I would gamble $15 on the aluminium jockey wheels that "oldandslow" recommended. Well I fitted them today and can say that they fitted perfectly with zero modification necessary. They are well made and look good. I am very impressed and have given my old X9 a new lease of life. Thanks for the link "oldandslow", you have saved me a fortune.

take anything a LBS tells you with a pinch of salt. While generally they may have larger broad knowledge. Members here are fruitcakes & know everything specific.
well done OldandSlow

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