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Where to ride in Port Macquarie

By flowbikes - Posted on 27 May 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

We are heading up to the GE race in Port Macquarie on this Sunday to race and have a Mondraker demo day, but we will be up there on the Saturday already and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good track for XC / all mountain type ride

There are tracks at Bonny Hills just south of Port Macquarie. I have never ridden them but a bloke I know comes from there and he rides them regularly. Might pay to make some enquiries before you commit, and treat this as a lead, not a recommendation.

Definately ride bony hills, start at the sub station is usual . For all mountain, grab yourself a map and start heading towards "jolly nose" - it's the lookout at the top of a hill, and ther is a downhill track all the way down - timber features the whole nine yards

If on Facebook, they have a group - search jolly nose

Thanks, I have had a surf out that way before, so should have guessed there were some trails in those hills that I saw.

You could try these:

Port Macquarie Urban MTB Park:

Tele Point Trails:

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