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Kind Shock dropperpost service tops

By Peter R - Posted on 12 June 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

A BIG thanks to Allan of Pushie Enterprises in Sydney for breathing new life into my battered old Kindshock Lev dropperpost.
At just 1 hours notice, the post was serviced and worn parts replaced on the spot for a very modest amount.
Hopefully it will quietly endure another 3 years of abuse!.
The best dropper post on the market and great backup service. Recommended.


Al turned my LEV round in under a week (from WA) when it went pop just before a trip to Rotorua - top bloke!

Allan was awesome, serviced the seatpost i bought online AND posted it back free of charge.Spent half an hour on the phone with me prior trying to talk me through what could be wrong with it(bout as much luck there as teaching a sea slug to juggle...

Al's a top fella and sorted me out as well
I bought my LEV second hand.
Still fixed it under warranty, so I could afford a sexy black shaft Sticking out tongue and southpaw
Very happy to buy in Oz from Pushie

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