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Rear shock play...?

By Trycycle - Posted on 15 June 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hoping someone can enlighten me a little. So I've been riding a lot more of late, but I generally look after the bike (cleaning) well. Use the spray to help get dirt out of suspension seals etc. When washing the bike over the weekend, lifted it by the seat to swing the rear around and heard a knock. Have since isolated the sound to the rear shock. Seems to be some 'lateral' play in it. It's an FSR arrangement. Checked the bolts - none loose. Is the seal stuffed?

Any hints or tips, much appreciated.


Are you sure the play is in the shock itself?

Typically it's the bearings in the suspension system that wear out causing play. . . So the pivot points of the swingarm, the linkages and the mounting eyes of the shock.

It will be your shock bushings getting worn and needing replacing

Sounds like the DU bushes. Cost about $15

+ using pressure spray on your shock is a no no.

just put a bit of dry type chain lube on the shaft, bounce up and down on it a few times and then whip excess lube and dirt off with a rag

Thanks for the advice guys. Must admit, I'm a real amateur when it comes to mechanics on the bike, so your tips are much appreciated.


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