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shoe pedal combo for enduro

By Team evolution - Posted on 21 June 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

looking for advice on a shoe pedal combo for endure riding.At the moment I'm using a shimano xc shoe with xt race pedals as this is whats on my hard tail for xc racing i also fitted these same pedals to my fun/enduro bike a 2015 giant trance advanced 0

I find this combo fine for all the riding i have done so far up until we road at golden grove .It was almost impossible to re clip after unclipping to get round the tight steep corners .Flats and some 510s would defiantly have been the go.

So Im thinking of staying clip less but with a wide bodied pedal that may help you to clip back in and some 510 or mavic shoes

Any ideas would be great on what others are using and why



I have tried numerous combos. I have ran mavic crossmax with shimano xtr pedals which work great. Then 510's with ht a1 pedals, since Adidas started there majority share in 510 their quality has dropped significantly with may last pair only lasting 7 months and another wage racer's new 510s lasting only one race. At the moment I am running specialized 2fo shoes with funn mamba pedals that use the shimano cleat and have found them to be awesome with easy release and re entry.

The ht a1's are a brilliant pedal but re entry was harder then a Spd. But the connection whilst riding was far better.

Hope this helps

If you're after a wider pedal, try the XT trail pedals, they have an extra wide platform compared to the XT race.

There are also 2 types of cleat, one has a multi position release which may make it easier to clip back in.

flats and 510s simple

My 2014 Trance 2 is laced with the Shimano XT M785 Trail pedals and I wear the Shimano M089 shoes. I find these to be a perfect combination for enduro riding. You can turn the tension right down on the pedals so you can clip out easily (but this can lead to unclipping when you don't want it), but as you get more and more used to the clip in / out during enduro riding you can crank the tension up. The shoes are great too and provide the right balance of rigidity and flex which make the shoes suitable for enduro riding or all day epics. Plenty of cleat adjustment too to suit your (or the trails) prefered position. This combo probably around $170

Crank Brothers Mallet DH and 5 10s.

+ 1 on 510
pedals DMR v12 or canfield bros crampons

If you riding or racing Enduro then XT or XTR trails are the go, you can adjust the tension as you learn and progress.

I am not a fan of any of the crank bros products and really don't like there pedals, there is no tension adjustment. Shamanio pedals are so much better!!

If you having trouble clicking back in then you need to practise more. Once you have learned its very easy to clip back in after a tight corner. Practise!

I've got a pair of 510's sitting in my garage all lonely and such that I can sell you Duncan. Not sure on the exact size but I'm sure we aren't too different in height/build. I think around size 10 if I remember. I can bring round on the weekend if you're home.


I have a set of 510s and some dmrv12s ready to go just not looking forward to the cut up shins getting used to jumping again on flats

Do like the look of the mallet dh pedals was thinking them and some clip in 510s

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