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Help needed for first bike purchase...

By Hogbert_1999 - Posted on 23 June 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Ok help needed total newb to modern mountain bikes and looking for something to fit my situation. I am looking for a bike to mostly ride with family while camping, ride locally on the streets a little and some trail riding when away with the boys.

In my sights I am thinking a hardtail for better value as I am not really wanting to invest to heavily, however not prepared to skimp and not get something that is practical and suits my needs, use and ability. I am thinking around the 1200-1700 AUD mark to get a descent hardtail for my use.

So far I have been looking at the Cannondale Trail 2 (2015) 29er and the Cell 2.0 29er. As someone new and the vast array of bikes, equipment specs etc I am totally confused and would value some input???

All advice appreciated



How about a Mondraker

One of these full suspension for $2100

[Mod. full disclosure: this user sells these bikes]

Hardtail 29er. Good spec sheet. even has mount holes for Rear Carrier/baby bike seat etc. very versatile.

Lost of Reviews and Comments on the above Page.

Hey Jody

With that budget you're spoilt for choice with new bikes. Obviously you could also look at second hand, but that's chancier and IMO unnecessary given the range of bikes you could get.

If you haven't already, check out which will let you plug in your budget and other details and show you what deals are around.

It's really important that the bike fits you, so go and check some out in stores as well. Some stores will let you take the bike out for a demo ride, some just around the block, but either way it's worth riding before you buy.

One of the first dilemmas you'll face is wheel size: 29" or 27.5". There's no right or wrong - each has pluses and minuses - so again it'll depend on what fits you and what you can get a good deal on.

All the big brands have good quality hard tails at those price points and most will be similarly equipped: Giant, Trek, Specialized, Merida all have great hard tails at those prices.

Spend as much as your budget will allow. It's much cheaper to get the nicer components as part of a whole bike build than upgrading later. A frame can't be upgraded, so again going as high as budget allows means you have more chance of keeping this bike longer. Bear in mind though that you'll also need a helmet, gloves, some tools/spares etc.

Happy hunting!

Bike exchange is a good guide but also search on recent listings as bike shops tend to leave adds up when the deals are gone. If you're a member of Bupa I think they do an extra special discount on Trek bikes (I don't work for Bupa, a bike shop or even own a Trek). Plenty of great deals on dual suspension bikes too that might be at the top of your budget if you find the discounted bikes. Mate of mine bought a Trek Ex.5 29er last week for $1,700 down from $2,300.

Just remember that a Hardtail, whilst great value, offers a much bumpier ride especially if you think you might get the MTB bug and find yourself pushing harder on the trails.

Frames and bike fit are your most important considerations... Components are consumables and equal happy future upgrades Eye-wink

Its good to know I have as many options as stated, however that is also a curse when you do not have a clue of the subtle differences and what it all means...

Thankfully there are forums and support like this to defuddle it for me Smiling

The Cell Bike is definately on the list for me looks amazing specs for the money!!

Still looking reading and absorbing comments thansk again really appreciate the thoughts.

All bike manufacturers use the same component suppliers, typically Shimano and Sram. Once you realise this, then comparing a $1000 bike from any manufacturer becomes very easy. Look at it's components and see which has the highest specs. Even if you learn just the brake and shifter/gear/drivetrain component hierarchy, it will be much easier to compare bikes.

btw, there is absolutely no need to spend that much on a bike for your intended purpose. You'll end up being paranoid someone will steal it from your tent while you take your boys to the chocolate factory or whatever. Something 2-3yrs old for $500 will be more than enough and you also wont mind trashing it which equals more fun Smiling

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