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" Hidden Valley Classic "

By Stringybark - Posted on 25 June 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

For the ride of your life !!...Sunday 13th Sept at Coolah.
30-60-90k options...over 90% natural singletrack.
Entries are limited...don't leave it too long, you'll miss out.
For information & photos click onto link below or google Coolah Bikeworx.

What's the best way to Coolah from Sydney ?

id be going up the M1 then onto the Hunter Expressway and thence onto the Golden Highway

Hey Lach...I need an updated course map & altitude profile. I'm still using yours from 2013 & things have changed...I am now worried about being prosecuted for 'misleading advertising' Smiling

... didn't make it last year, so 2013 is the best I've got. Was hoping to get back this year, but somebody organised a big family dinner on the Saturday night, so I'm out for another year. Hope you get a good roll up.

No worries Lach, thanks for your support anyway...maybe next year & in the meantime, that big family dinner sounds pretty good Smiling

Like to experience something unique ? have less than a week to get your entry in. The "Hidden Valley Classic"..Sunday 13th Sept. It's the one day you get to ride the unbelievable 27ks of singletrack through the natural beauty of "Hidden Valley"'s then a 12 month wait until next year...if there is a next year ?

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