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Recommendations for Kowen Loops

By amarkie - Posted on 02 July 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm planning on riding Kowen this weekend and I'd love some 20-30km loop recommendations (can be previous race loops).

I love descending so please include the best descents Kowen has to offer.

(Don't worry about Sparrow I've ridden all but 3 trails in Sparrow, this trip is to ride Kowen)


Download the kowalski app, it has all the trails on it apparently.

When you get there you'll see they have different length loops clearly marked. The longest loop will be perfect for you and definitely don't miss the optional extra bit which is fairly obviously signposted because they both incorporate a couple of great xc descents. Then for variety you could do the middle length loop to get the kms up and the back half of that loop has a long traversing descent on it which is great too - Kowalski's sideshow I think it's called and a long flat-ish finish which is surprisingly fun to go fast on.

I love the app, but it doesn't have loops marked on it. Sparrow has a website with some great loops, they are also marked on the trail, however everyone I've spoken to says that Kowen doesn't have loops marked out?

The loops have been marked for years - if you start by parking at the Sparrow Hill carpark, head up the road a bit then cross over, jump the gate and head up the fireroad (which I think is what most people do?). You should have no problem at all unless someone recently took them all out. Maybe the people you have spoken to have only ridden it during the Mont which starts at the opposite end of the forest and doesn't follow the normal loops.

Thanks for the tip, I followed the blue loop for some time until I found Squirrel and Beer Garden then went on a mystery tour for about 2 hours before accidentally hooking up with the blue loop where I left it and completed the rest of the loop - more or less.

34km 500m of Vert, I had a GREAT time.

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