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rear hub choice

By davo29er - Posted on 14 July 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all
I'm in the market for new hubs and would like some ideas. However they can't be too loud... or obscenely expensive either. Smiling


Shimano, cheap, quiet, easy to service.

I keep hubs forever so that's where most of my money on a build will go, my current rear hub is near 13yo and still going like a champ. I replaced the bearings a year ago and I think once before that, Hadley are good.

Depending on budget I'd go for DT 240s at the high end or XT at the lower end. Totally different hubs but both great and neither are loud.
I've put thousands of km's on my XT wheels and never had a problem with hubs or any part for that matter. They're not particularly light but they are bullet proof.

DT240 this thing keeps on rolling.

Hadleys are very nice.Just got some made up with some spank rims,beautiful!

I recently built a rear wheel with a novatech hub for my SS on the recommendation of my LBS. It's really well priced, got options for bling if u want(I went black) is quiet and so far is the business.

I believe the Hope hubs are loud. They are good tho.

My DT 240s lasted 2 years with zero maintenance on my previous wheels before I sold them. I'm sure the current owner will sell or shelf them before they need anything.
They are expensive though.

I couldn't justify them for my current wheel build, especially when I found a pair DT 350 straight pull CL hubs shipped for under $240AUD.
As a comparison a rear 240 should be close to $350-400 online.

So far they feel the same as the 240s, and just as quiet.


Have had a pair of Novatec's on the DH bike for the last year or so. I believe they manufacture for many other companies. So far they have been prefect (slightly louder than the DT). While they have a hard life, they certainly haven't done many k's, but I wouldn't have a problem buying them again.

The DT swiss 350s may be the way to go. Did you upgrade the ratchet to 36 teeth or do you reckon the engagement is fine stock?

Nah. From what I remember it's not cheap. No point stripping a brand new hub to save 1/1000th of a sec on my next ride.

Also, on Shimano hubs... I looked at them. I found every Shimano wheel I had (XT, XTR, Dura Ace) all used straight pull hubs, but all the hubs they sell are j bend only.

I've just had a wheelset built up with dt240s and the upgrade was 150 including installation.
I presume it'll be about the same for 350s.

My rear 350 hub was under $180.

Is the 350 as loud as you tube would have you believe?

Davo, hope pro 2 are loudest, next is dt Swiss, then chosen/novatec then shimano. Chris king are just weird sounding. In a riding group the only 2 obvious hubs you can identify are shimanos for quietness and hopes for noise - noisey hubs are great for warning walkers you are coming and also slow rider in front knows you are there - especially when he's pedalling and you are freewheeling....

Hadley fail on both counts, expensive and noisy. Best hubs I've ever owned though. 11 years in and I haven't touched them as far as maintenance goes

First choice PROFILE then Chris King then HOPE but I am still a BMX kid at heart.

lots of food for thought

I missed the expensive part, with the dollar down they are too dear(mine is almost silent now) and the Tune hubs above are at the top end of the market but I think they no longer have the problems with the flanges cracking.

@ hawkeye
I think I'd have to sell one to get those Smiling

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