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Bottom Bracket Help

By JimmyJazz - Posted on 20 July 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

So I've trawled the forums and I'm pretty sure I've complicated what seems to be a very simple question.....or the plethora of information and marketing hype on the topic has consumbed me.

Eitherway, hoping the trusty folk at NOBMOB can give me a straight answer;

Simply, can I swap out a BB71 bottom bracket for a GXP compatible bottom bracket? And specifically, which GXP BB will fit a 2014 Trance 2 (if any).

Not so simply, I'm exploring options of upgrading the drive train on my 2014 Trance 2 to a 1x11 setup (not a hack job either, as ultimatley these parts will be swapped over to a better frame). I'm thinking SRAM X1, X0 or XX1, depending on what I can find reasonably priced, second hand.

Thanks in advance!


With a bit of research it seems the BB71 is just the model number but the standard is actually BB91

There's a fair bit of info on this thread but it's not clear if you can use a GXP press fit BB or need to use adapters like the Hope ones

It would be a lot easier to put XT 1x11 on and you can use your existing BB

Hope that helps

Shame the 1x11 still isn't available!

Shame the 1x11 still isn't available!

Yes jimmy, you can put a GPX pressfit in the frame that also takes a bb71

You cannot however use a pf30 BB.

On the crankset - you don't need to change the crankset to go 1x11 - most people keep whatever they have and change shifter, deraileur and cassette, and put a new NW chainring on. Shimano use 104bcd so you can put down to a 30t front ring on them.

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