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slashed tire

By Jonathan - Posted on 04 August 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hello everyone. So i went for a ride yesterday and at my halfway point i heard a ping from a rock flying of something, then a minute or 2 later my tire was flat. Im running tubeless so i was quite surprised i had a flat but when i looked closer the rock bounced of my rim and slashed my sidewall.

The cut is probably 1mm wide by about 3/4cm long so i though the goo should of sealed it but under closer inspection all the goo in my tire was dried up.

Im almost certain the goo will seal the tire but my question is can i trust the goo to seal a cut on the sidewall? maybe if i help it out a bit with a patch on the inside then some goo? Or am i better off just replacing the tire.




I'd replace any tyre with sidewall damage

If budgetary constraints mean you really need to keep using that damaged tyre then you would need something more than just latex sealant to make it safe and airtight. There will be lots of info on the interwebs, but if you can grab a back issue of Mountain Biking Australia (Feb/Mar/April 2015 edition) it has a good article on repairing cut tyres.

Patching, or patching + superglue for smaller holes that won't seal up and stitching in a section of old tyre for larger holes that will otherwise be a weak spot in the tyre.

Or you can just run a tube in that tyre (with some form of patching I assume) until the tyre wears out and you need to replace it anyway.

With a cut the size you have described I'd probably buy another tyre. Last thing you need is the mental distraction of "will it or won't it" when things get tricky.

Hope that helps.

Yep i had a feeling that would be the case, i also don't no if i would be comfortable riding hairy, pointy stuff with a botched sidewall.

Next question is what do i replace it with!

Im currently running a specialized slaughter 2.1 29 on the rear and a 2.3 butcher on the front. And i'm riding mostly am stuff so want a beefy sidewall and something that hooks up well.

Any ideas? Cheers!


If it took a minute or so go flat with dry goo you should be able to patch it with a normal tube repair patch, clean it and give it a good scratch up before putting the patch on.

If it's a Scwalbe throw it in the bin do the same for the front if it is also a Schwalbe Eye-wink

A patch should work if you can clean the surface.
Park Tools and others also make 'tire boots' to repair significant sidewall damage.

It's all just temporary though.

If you'd like to keep riding a repaired tire, I'd carry a spare boot and tube (which I do anyway), in case it lets go.

Was on holidays and developed a similar cut in sidewall. I put a tube in and thought job done as it was only family riding. Since I was on holidays and nowhere for the bike to be it was pride and place in the bedroom right next to my head. It's 2am when I wake hearing a creak then an almighty explosion as the tyre rips and the tube explodes.That was really, really bad. Then again i could have been doing 50kp/h down a hill - replace it

Letting go at 2am, was the missus sure it was you? Laughing out loud

Thats what i'm scared of! so i bought a new tire. No more guessing but i still reckon i could of sealed it.

Thanks for the help!

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