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XT brake bleed

By Chris_P - Posted on 08 August 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi All

I have newer style XT brakes (post 2010) and am interested in peoples feedback on bleed procedures and equipment. I have modest technical ability and have never performed a bike brake bleed before but am interested in doing it myself. I have the official procedure but have had some trouble tracking down all the parts (bleed block in particular) but have found kits (e.g. that have most of the parts. I have also viewed some DIY vids that do not use the kit and am interested in peoples feedback. I have also found EPIC BLEED SOLUTIONS that set spacer and bleed kits.

Am interested in what other people have done (sorry if post makes no sense, I'm quite intoxicated at the current moment).

Chris P

I just have a vanilla brake bleed it that I got ages ago from Torpedo7 when I had Hayes HFX-9's. It's a pretty simple job with the current model XTs.

Just make sure you take your pads and wheel out and use the yellow spacer block. Don't want to get any fluid on the pads or they're irrecoverably toasted. Clean up any spills with automotive brake disc cleaner from SuperCheap, in fact give everything the once over with the cleaner and a clean rag just to be safe, as the pads aren't cheap.

Thanks for the info. Where did you get the yellow spacer block from? My bike came with the brakes and I did not get a spacer.

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