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Riding in Canberra

By flowbikes - Posted on 17 August 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Mondraker Australia was down at capital city for the last two weekends supporting Rocky Trail racing, during that time I managed to get out and do some riding.

I would highly recommend doing a trip down there and riding Majura Pines and Stromlo, there are so many trails of various levels to choose from and they are lots of fun to ride.

We stayed at Alivio tourist park which have quite a selection of cabins and villas to choose from as well as some trails right close by.

So if you have a weekend free I would suggest taking the trip down.


Just got back yesterday.

After an impulse "let's go to Canberra for a couple of days riding next week" conversation over coffee last week with 3 fellow unemployed (well, 2 other unemployed and one self-employed) friends, it was book into Alivio, load the car up, leave early Tues morning, breakfast Marulan, ride Majura Pines, lunch and check in, ride a loop of Stromlo, eat, drink beer and play cards, sleep, eat, ride Sparrow Hill, lunch at Paragon in Goulburn, head home.

Fantastic time and Alivio good spot with restaurant open for dinner and breakfast which are recommended.

Also, O'Connor shops close by for pub, small IGA with booze, bike shop (Bike Culture, helped one of us out) coffee shop and Vietnamese (which we had for lunch, not brilliant but ok)

Reckon it was about $100/day/person with accomm., booze (bought a box), food and fuel.

Recommend you either get one person to pay for/buy everything then just split it or chuck in a couple hundred into a kitty and use that and top up if required and then distribute what's left when finished. We didn't have any problems at all however money was flying left, right and centre and keeping up with who owed who what was a pain.

Still more for us to do next week if we're still unemployed........

Seriously thinking of signing up for the Kowalski tomorrow.

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