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Tubeless (is awesome)

By ride_4_life - Posted on 22 August 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Having been a massive tubeless sceptic I finnally converted the rear after after a few recent pinch flats (drops onto rocky landings). I've got to say, how awesome. Over the general XC stuff there was no big difference but the bump compliance over rock gardens felt ace, with noticeable improved grip and control. Give it a go if you haven't already!


So when are you doing the front? Eye-wink

How does tubeless go when flying, in that you have to deflate your tires?

have to deflate your tires

Just came back from Canada, they asked if I had deflated my tyres to which I answered yes. They were at about 30 psi and no problems. Tyres still inflated upon arrival

I cant agree more, if you haven't tried it yet go tubeless, the conversion is easy, there is plenty of info on the net about doing the conversion, it is very easy, i personally didn't and wouldn't bother paying a shop to do it.

Most people don't even deflate there shocks which can hold up to and over 200psi.

Tyres with 30-40psi in them are not even a concern!

As for tubeless I have had it for well over 5 years now on my XC and AM bikes and have been running tubeless in the DH bike for 2 years now. Your crazy if you don't do it!!

Just spend 3weeks riding in Canada (silverStar, Sunpeaks and Whistler) was running tubeless the whole time and never had any issues at all!

I need to have another go with some proper UST tyres, I tried it for probably three months and didn't like the extra sidewall flex. For me having to run a higher pressure removed any grip advantage over running tubes so I swapped back and much prefer it.

Stock Minions and Specialized SX casings seem to go to poop if they roll over too much.

I've got at least 15 obvious holes in my front tire where sealant has filled a potential flat....

Jesus, where do you ride?

I've never had a rim slice a tyre when running tubes but I did with tubeless, however that could have also been prevented by running proper rims and not stupid hookless ones.

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