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Kowalski Classic - 2015

By Antsonline - Posted on 24 August 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Sunday, 20 September, 2015 - 08:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Kowen Forest
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Mill Post Road


Now in its fourth year, the Kowalski Classic is a one-day showcase of the famous trails in East Kowen Forest and Sparrow Hill. The event celebrates the achievements of local trail builders Paul Cole, Alan Anderson and the mysterious Kowalski Brothers, who together have hand built over 100km of flowing trail in East Kowen (the Kow) & Sparrow Hill (the Bird).

Love single track? Then you will love the Kowalski Classic.
RACE DAY is September 20. Register HERE


New Course. The Kowalski Classic is all about singletrack (in mind bending amounts), so each year we design a bold new course — weaving together our all-time favourites, long lost (seldom ridden) friends and folding in trails we've just built for debut on race day. The course is quite different each year and 2015's will be no exception. Expect a day full of flow, challenge and smiles on this grand tour of skinny dirt. A singletrack marathon like no other.

New Loop Order and Wave Starts. We have made a number of changes to reduce on-track congestion early in the race. The main changes are: 1. Riders in the Full Kowalski will head out on a different 50km loop to the Half Kowalski. 2. We will increase the time gap between wave starts. 3. We will include more passing opportunities (double single track and stabs of fireroad).

New Race Distance. At 25km, the QRTR Kowalski (Tyrion) is a distance that will suit riders coming into the sport as well as those getting back on the bike and unsure if they have the legs for the Half Kowalski. Loads of singletrack and never too far from HQ. Sweet.

Junior Category. The minimum age has been lowered to include riders 12 years and up.
(Parental consent is required for participation in Junior category)

Registration at East Hotel. East Hotel are sponsor and Official Accommodation Partner for 2015. Race registration will be held at East Hotel on Friday afternoon and Saturday before race day, so book a room for the weekend, register for the race, collect your event merchandise and kick back in ridiculous comfort. (See the race website for packages)

New Trails. Absolutely. The trail builders have been busy in Sparrow and East Kowen, so you can expect to ride lots of new trail.

Which distance is for you?
Each race distance features a great combination of our favourite trails so there’s no compromise should you choose something shorter (high on smiles, lower on distance). The Bird is the Word. The Kow is like Wow.

Who's in?
Whisperer, D-on, CB, Bikeboy, Antsonline, Tristania, Black Flash, Pete B, Simon S, sikllama, xmas, GarethP, Pyrate, gadzooks, simoen (15 riders)
Whisperer D-on CB Bikeboy Antsonline Tristania Black Flash Pete B Simon S sikllama xmas GarethP Pyrate gadzooks simoen
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Tristania Learning to Enjoy my Own Company Finished 3 04:41:53 12 12
doc Kowalski 100 - A Classic Indeed Finished 3 05:01:56 25 2
sikllama Entering the hurt box Finished 1 03:36:20 324 50km Veterans 88
Pete B Kowalski Classic 100 2015 Finished 1 05:36:08 72 21
Antsonline Kowalski Classic 2015 - Preview...
Black Flash My Kowalski 100 Finished
Antsonline A Tale of Two Races and a Missing Mojo Finished 04:34:26 9 9
GarethP Kowalski Classic - Singletrack Overdose Finished 05:43:55 81 24

Were you there and have a story to tell?

Ride Gallery

A bit more of a preview to come on this in the next few days, but rode the 50km loop yesterday and can say that its new and improved!
As a rough estimate the race will be somewhere between 70-80% single-track - with some short stretches on wider trail to allow for a drink, a bite, and also to give your hands and eyes a rest!

The 50km race will include all of the excellent new trails in Kowan Forest, and will also be the 2nd 1/2 of the 100km race.

This race is truly unique and one that is on trails that are 100% volunteer built. Its really worth getting along to support it.

Here is a strava file of the 50km loop...

Here is a link to my blog, which will take you to short event preview I wrote...

Get entered. You wont regret it!

For the strava file and preview - looking forward to riding the new trails, the videos I've seen of Romper Room and Stairway to Heaven look great.

The Espresso Bar is at approx 33kms this year which makes the 'backback vs bottles' equation interesting for those of us who like to consume the recommended 500 - 750ml per hour.

Now to get some singletrack training in - OMV/H20 here i come.

Hi All,
I just missed out on the Kowalski 50KM on the 20sept.
I do not know if this is the right page forum to ask , but do anyone on here know of a ticket for sale for this event?

Try and give Alan (race director) a call or an email - I know he runs a bit of a list of people who have informed him that they cant race - last minute injuries or work related absence etc.
If you get in soon, you'll probably be fine...

There are a couple of full entries up for grabs on the FB page, keep an eye on it maybe a half will come up.

Contacted them via email & they slotted me in, thanks for the info, see you there.

Hi all,
I'm driving over from Adelaide, getting to Canberra mid afternoon on Saturday.
I'm planning on camping out at the venue and it'd be great to share a campsite with some friendly faces from the 'mob.
Post or PM if you are, and don't mind an old 'NobMobber' joining you.

Interesting that pedal assist eBikes are allowed... Not eligible for podiums/prizes.

That's ridiculous! I don't care if they're ineligible for podiums.

Has been set...double points for anyone who passes an eBike, triple if they do it on 'stairway to heaven'.

Agree though, will be p!ssed if an eBike is inlcuded in the age category timings, if they're going to allow them they should be in their own category. The rules say they are in it as participants only - perhaps that means no timings for them at all?

This is my first Kowalski. I'm doing the Half. I'm trying to work out what sort of time goal I should be setting for myself. I did the recent 50k Convict in just over 2h30m. Fitness level is slightly improved from then.
Any suggestions?

Hi Gadzooks - if you are 2:30 for 50km of the Convict, then I would suggest its gonna be about 3hrs for the 1/2 Kowalski. Its hard to say as they are such different trails and speed will be more skill based at Kowalski than Convict.
Something like 3hrs, or maybe 3:15mins...

I did the 50k convict in 1:59 and the 50k Kow in 2:40, although I wasn't as well prepped for the Kow. So I think Ant's estimate is spot on.

gotta say that i am really excited for the weekend. it's the first ride where i am not concerned about not being able to finish and i can actually set time goals.

I'll probably set a goal of 200 mins which is 3hrs, 20min. That means I should hopefully have something in reserve for the last section which seems to be the most tricky.

I think it's wrong to start letting ebikes enter

That'll be interesting. I wonder how they're going to slot them into the departure schedule?

Send them off first?

I have three ebikes and ride one everyday to work. If it is for someone with a physical disability and it allows them to participate I'm all for it but if the disability is "i'm not keen on pedalling" then mark me down as very unkeen on sharing trails with ebikes. Enjoy the Kow, hope I can get there next year!

I've just gone through the rider entrant list and can't see any ebikes. Are there many of them entered?

AArgh I've managed to catch the dreaded pre-race lurgy. I'm not too bad but not 100% either - oh well. If there's any race to just chill out and enjoy it's this one.

Otherwise totally excited, bike has some new rubber on her and ready for a boys road trip! Good luck and have fun everyone!

I've come down with a chest infection - yay, cough, yay. Drs said don't ride. Pharmacist said don't ride and don't drink alcohol. Kill joys.
Now I can see the role of an ebike.... Smiling
Does anyone have a 10000kw carbon dually with a long battery life they want to lend me??.? Lol....
Otherwise say hi as you ride past me... I'll be wearing a hazmat red and yellow checked Jersey. Maybe I should change it to a black and yellow biohazard setup....

Half way between hay and Narrandera, about 4 hours from Canberra on my way from Adelaide.
Clear night and the stars are amazing.
Looking forward to the 50 on Sunday. Not expecting to set any records, got the 'big' bike this time. (The pivot 5.7c)
Like others, setting a target of 3hours and something.
I'll be camping out at Kowen, and looking to catch up with Doc and any one else from the mob. Certainly hoping to see some familiar faces!
I expect to be out there around 2 after registration at the East Hotel on the way.

... does my head in. Hope you guys are fine.

Biohazard jersey... I wonder if that will work on cars? Evil

Fantastic event again at the Kowalski. And great to catch up again with Whisperer for a ride and pre-race strategising.

Enjoying the race reports folks - well done and keep em coming !

Photos are now online at Aurora Images.

There's some great shots, as always from these guys.

If keen - don't forget to check all the 'unmatched' photos, there's only 2800 of them Smiling, to see if there's any more taken of you. After an hour of searching I found 2 more of mine - yep thats how I spend my nights after the kids go to bed.

And agree, the Aurora photos are pretty good, they had some nice scenery to work with...

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