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MET Parabellum Helmet

By amarkie - Posted on 24 August 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Has anyone had first hand experience or heard any tales good or bad about the MET PARABELLUM helmet?


Had the original & then went to the MET Veleno D. helmet ,twice.It now just happens that MET is having their helmets made in China & the 2nd Veleno is not as good as the Italian made version!-will not buy MET again!-the fit & feel of MET now is just not "right"!

I have the 2014 model and it actually feels a bit funny, I have to tight it up a bit more than I would like. No pain at the bottom as has been reported in a lot of reviews but like I said it feels funny. Pretty light and excellent air flow. My old helmet was a 661 recon and it was a perfect fit but warmer than the parabellum.
So, would I recommend it? Yes, but depending on your head shape better to try it first.
Hope that helps

I personally like the MET KAOS helmet: light, good vent system and the visor is long enough to protect your face against the elements,possibly unlike the Parabellum.

Thanks for all the feedback.

I really liked the KAOS and would have bought it but for the central hole that was like a magnifying glass to my balding forehead.

The salesman laughed when I put it on, "Yeah you are going to get really sunburnt".

Waiting for the Parrabellum to come in so I can make a decision.

The whole in the middle isn't a problem...... if you wear a trendy little sweat bandana like the bikies do.....heheheheh. Anyway some guys are happy with that solution.

I've just replaced my 6 year old Kaos Ultimalite with a MET Terra. It feels much the same as my old Kaos if marginally heavier.

I would have bought a new Kaos but for the new head strap which has a pair of ribs at the rear that pressed into my head. I'm sure it is a much more secure design but ruined the helmet for me. That and the demo helmet weighed significantly more than the old Kaos or the Terra.

I'd never been concerned about the "central hole" so went to check....mine was covered by the helmet light mount, hence no burned bald patch. Result.

Now there's a great solution!

That Terra is a nice looking helmet. Is there a small diode in the back of the helmet?

There is a retro reflective sticker.

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