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Garmin 4.2 update now available. Strava on your Edge!

By Pete B - Posted on 26 August 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Firmware update to allow Strava segments to appear on your garmin device now available for edge 510, 810 and 1000.

Anyone tried it yet?

good to see features become available without hardware changes being required. Strava seems more so in bed with Garmin than with Apple / iOS :/

Not sure about iOS comment; live Strava segments seem to have been developed for the Apple Watch then ported to other devices....

Can't wait to upgrade...but will have to upgrade my hardware first... still on the old Edge 500!

I know its new and fancy, but is this really a good idea? Having the segment live on the screen?
It seems like virtual 'racing' is becoming more popular than actual racing these days!
I have a 1000, but just am not sure I am going to activate this. I am anti-social enough with my riding - this wont help!!

I don't like it

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Everyone says they hate Strava and what it's done to riding but really, you all love it and spend more time than is necessary annalizing your ride. Eye-wink

I've just updated mine and will give it a go tomorrow morning.

I like Strava but I don't need live segments

I gave this a go on Sunday morning with a run up the Oaks and back.
Im not sure that I had it setup correctly though. I had starred a few segments so they were in my Garmin but some of them overlapped, the Garmin then only uses the first one it comes to and ignores all segments until the first is finished.
It also gives you someone to 'race' against, a virtual partner, someone who you follow on Strava. Now this is good if that person is only a bit faster than you and you can push yourself to beat them, it worked well for me and did spur me on. Problem is, I also follow Mr Shippard on Strava, on the the couple of segments it made him my virtual partner it was fun to watch the speed 'time behind' increased, it defeated the point for me. Hopefully there's a way to make yourself the virtual partner - time to do some research....

Overall, I think it's a good thing, for me anyway and the amount of PRs I set on that ride, Strava seems to tell the same story.

I'll be your virtual partner any day Pete. Just don't tell my wife Eye-wink

You can flag it to look at your PR and also only flag certain segments.

"virtually" race yourself on those Garmin units?


S porting
T ryhards
R acing
A gainst
V irtual
A rseholes, um I mean Athletes


Cheers Ant, but you finish too fast for me!

Very good Kit, if you can find me someone to ride with at 4.45am I'll take that option.

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