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Advice on Single Speed frame wanted

By Discodan - Posted on 27 August 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi Team,

I'm posting this on behalf of a mate who's asked me to help him find a good SS frame. He's a serious rider who's unfortunately been bitten hard by the SS bug for many years. He's been riding Specialized Stumpjumper Single Speed which was pretty good for him but he's recently snapped the frame so needs a replacement.

What's the collective wisdom on a decent 29" SS frame that won't break the bank (ideally less than $1,000), preferably in steel or Ti? A Sir 9 was looking good but they have a bit of a reputation for breaking, this needs to be solid as he puts the bikes through a lot. He's not keen on the idea of custom Ti from china, too much of a gamble, which rules out a few options.

Any other ideas from the collective or something amazing in the shed you want to unload?

thanks in advance


Off asking in the ARSE FB page where they all know stuff and probably have something for him...

wouldn't they be they people to talk to if you weren't sure which rim to get?

What the heck is ARSE anyway?

I see what you did there


I ride a Kona Unit steel frame, and I ride it pretty hard. Still solid after 2 years of riding, and you can pick up a whole bike for about a grand. Soma Juice seems to be a favorite in the USA, but the frame alone is about the price of the entire Kona. Not sure you can get the Unit as a frame only, but maybe ask a LBS or Andy/Paul at the Hairy Marron.


I know the Explosif is getting imported as a full bike only for 2016, I was looking at getting one but they only fit a 2.3" tyre.

Apologies to you 'gearies'
Australian Recreational Singlespeed Enthusiasts
That's the place to go for all SS knowledge!

... And no Stuart, I'm not biting Smiling


Check this out....:

Great SS frame!

Wow I can't believe that frame hasn't been snapped up. Someone hurry up and buy it will you before I convince myself a medium will fit!

And ARSE is perhaps the highest concentration of erudite individuals in one place on the webnet...

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