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ANT+ USB for PC and HRM question

By Hackasaurus - Posted on 04 September 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.


For those that connect sensors to a Windows PC using ANT+, what dongle/adapter do you use and what sensors do you use it with? Outside on the bike I am sorted with a Galaxy S5 as a defacto bike computer, but indoors I'd like to take advantage of my large laptop and connect directly to it for video-based training sessions.

As an example, I have been mucking around with the Cycleops Virtual Training app on my phone attached to the bars as I would when using Strava out on the road or trail, but would much rather watch the associated video and data on my 17" laptop screen. Moving to ANT+ and connecting to my laptop would also allow me to consider other virtual cycling options such as Zwift, which currently doesn't support Bluetooth.

The second question is about the newer HRM's that transmit on both ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0/LE. Strava only supports BT4.0 and I do have some BT4.0 sensors already so not keen to abandon BT altogether. However, as I purchase additional/new stuff I'd like to ensure that compatibility is as broad as possible.

The HRM question comes about because my Topeak branded BT4.0 HRM kicked the bucket for the second time in just over 12 months. Was exchanged previously under warranty and is now back with the LBS for another warranty claim, but this time I've made it known that I'm not keen on a third go with this particular brand. I asked about a store credit so figured I should do my homework on the current crop of HRM's in case the LBS say yes.

I know every brand has it horror stories, but I am particularly interested to hear about what you do or don't like with the HRM you have. Remembering that it's the combo ANT+ and BT4.0 ones that I am looking at. So far the Wahoo Tickr looks OK.

Any garmin ant+ dongle will work fine, or order a xhinese one online for abot $20.
As for hrm. I recently bought a scosche rythym, as i have issue with standard hrm straps slipping down my lats. The schosce goes around forearm, and so far has been great. No need to wet it, or start sweating to get it to work. Best of all, its easy to pit on if you are aleady wearing bib knicks. For indior sessions, i use a combination of virtual power on trainer road on laptop, chinese ant+ dongle, garmin speed cadence sensor, and my new fancy hrm strap thingy. All works bloody brilliantly.


Been running the Wahoo Tickr for almost a year with no problems connecting to a garmin 510 or iPhone 5 or both at the same time. Still on the original battery to.

Research on the interwebs suggests that a USB 2.0 Garmin dongle is the safest bet. As long as it works I don't mind paying the extra over a cheapie. Warranty and local availability also help.

Still looking at HRM's. Lots to choose from.



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