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Kowalski Classic - Singletrack Overdose

By GarethP - Posted on 21 September 2015

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Kowalski Classic - 2015
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As I peeled myself out of bed this morning, hobbled towards the bathroom like an 80 year old man, coughed up a bit of lung and tried to speak which turned more into a croak - I still had a manic grin on my face and twinkle in a sleep encrusted eye!

The Kowalski Classic is like a dream - endless ribbons of singletrack reeling off into the forest, swooping into gullies, arcing turns, grinding climbs and moments of airborne ecstasy!

This was probably not my best result relatively speaking - I think this race really suites the natural bike handler and for someone like myself who is relatively late to cycling all of the cornering you are required to do does take it's toll. The amount of concentration required for the whole race is really taxing. But no matter who you are you can't argue with the amount of fun to be had in this race or fail to be impressed with the huge effort of the trailbuilders. Chapeau!

The 2 new trails that had everyone buzzing did not fail to live up to expectations either! Surely the most technical trails I have seen in an XC race. Stairway To Heaven was really tricky and had me off the bike more than a couple of times!

The congestion issues of last year were completely solved too - no issues whatsoever so that was a huge plus. Race organisation was in general top notch. Oh and when last did you get goodies at a race? For me it was this race last year! We got socks, a bottle, a stem cap and a phone pouch - nice!

Good ride bud. I too am completely broken this morning!

It's my upper body that seems to have bore the brunt of the race for me, I think everyone is sore at the end of this one. That's a great time on a tough course that rewards bike handling, efficiency, hills of all types and general endurance so well done for getting through!

Well done Gareth, to even attempt that much single track when not feeling your best takes some doing.

Though I only rode half the distance you guys did, I've come to the conclusion that single-track is in equal parts mentally and physically demanding.

I stand in awe of anyone who put their hand up for the 100kms. I spoke with two guys on the walk back to my car who pulled the pin at 75kms. From they way the spoke about it it was the mental battle that defeated them - not the physical.


Well done Gareth

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