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Kowalski Classic 100 2015

By Pete B - Posted on 21 September 2015

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Kowalski Classic - 2015
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What a race!

First thing was the goodie bag, socks, bottle, stem cap, free beer at the hotel, not essential but a welcome addition and a way to make you feel like you're goetting value for money - thanks Smiling

Start was good and I seeded myself mid pack of the 2nd wave which was perfect for my pace. There was very little passing in the first 25km as everyone was well suited on the climbs and the singletrack. This meant that there was no traffic even on the stairway to heaven.

The middle 50km section went well until about the 40km mark when I realised I'd stopped sweating! I'd been eating ok but not drinking, any chance I got I'd eaten a gel but other than a quick swill of water I'd not either had chance, or not remembered. I then started drinking but not too much as I didn't want a load of liquid swilling round in my stomach. As was to be expected, the cramps started 10km later. They were painful but through a lot of 'mind over matter' and telling myself to relax and not get angry/frustrated or panicked I was able to manage them without getting off the bike. They continued for about 20k were I had to go a lot easier than I wanted to which was frustrating as my legs still had power in them, I just couldn't use it.

By the 75km mark I was able to push a bit harder and while still not a full rate, I was happy with progress and looking forward to getting close to my 6hr target time. My garmin was reading 85km and I knew the course was 96km and a quick bit of maths told me I should be good for my target. How happy and releived I was that only a few kms later the finish line was in sight and I was 25mins ahead of target.

Overall a cracking race and I'll have to get down to Canberra more often to ride the trails there.
For next year, more liquid intake and maybe a bit more time on the mtb leading up to the race as while I'm happy with my fitness, my skills could definitely be improved.

Awesome time mate well done!

I've said it elsewhere but I'm in awe of anyone who goes the 100km.

How'd the new bike go?

Well done Pete, it's a tough 100kms.

Thanks, all.

The bike was great, perfect for marathon racing. Light and nimble and soaked up all but the largest trail chatter, especially on the climbs. No sore back or upper body either which I'll credit to the bike rather than my strength/fitness level.

It didn't like it when I managed to hook the pedal onto the metal cattle grid going under the highway. The bike stopped dead and sent me over the bars resulting in a bent derailleur hanger. I pulled it back so I could get all the gears, just a couple needed a bit of coaxing in so no real dramas and at least the hanger did its job.

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