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Blue Loctite

By sly_artichoke - Posted on 13 October 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

You know that blue Loctite you get on rotor bolts and the like...where can I get it? I have some of the liquid version, but it's the gel or tape version I'm after. Thanks in anticipation.

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Loctite 248 stick is probably what you want, it's a lot less economical to use compared to liquid.
Bunnings won't have it but bolt shops and decent auto places like Burson's should.


Most hardware stores

A small bottle of Loctite 243 will do you for quite a few years.

Worth having. Available from Bunnings, Hardware and General, Blackwoods, Super Cheap Auto...

He already has that.

DÓh! Smiling

May i ask why you want the non liquid form. After 17 years of selling loctite, i am curious on why the request when the liquid will do what you need perfectly.


The only reason I could think of was to have it pre applied to bolts.

You can also get this stuff from Loctite if that's what the OP wants to do-

Good question Pete. When I service my suspension pivots, the threads get Loctite, but the shafts are greased. Having a solid Loctite prevents any danger of a liquid form fouling the shafts as you re-assemble.


A fair reason. Have you tried putting the Loctite on the thread of wear the shafts screw into, instead of the shafts themselves???
To add to this, Loctite works (cures) in the absence of oxygen (air) hence why the bottle always happens to have a fair amount of free space and looks like they didn't fill it up completely. The shafts of your suspensions should have enough clearance that the Loctite wont cure, however the shafts may lock into the bearings, which wont create much issue until it comes time to service, and then it could be a little more effort to free the shaft.


Thanks for the advice, Pete - funnily enough I did exactly this yesterday before I read your post. Great minds think alike.



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