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Loctite choice?

By Biker23 - Posted on 22 October 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just pulling the bike apart and putting it back together. piece by piece, there are some screws whick look like they have had loctite on them, and some that need them.

Bike: Trance
Riding style: Cross country

And advice? was thinking 243 according to the website

Didnt think i would have so many choices

Thanks in advamce

243 would be fine.
Go to your nearest bearing shop.. CBC, Statewide Bearings etc and buy just a 10ml bottle.. more than enough to do your bike rebuild multiple times.


Yup, you really don't need much of it on the bolts either and it's wise not to put it on tiny ones like fork adjuster screws.

You can use Loctite on smaller screws and grubscrews, but be careful with 243.

There are lighter formulations more suitable for the very small screws. Worth its weight in gold for reliability in high vibration environments. Necessary for bikes? Sometimes.

Really? I'm not doubting I've just never had and smaller screws come out.

This has just reminded me I need to Loctite my sliding dropout bolts, brake was howling like crazy, thanks Smiling

Probably should have said occasionally rather than sometimes.

Small screws vibrating loose from metal parts used to be a bit of a bane with R/C cars when I used to race them (last century!) but is less of an issue with bikes perhaps as the vibration is lower frequency.

These days I find a torque wrench and following the chart in the back of Zinn covers most things, but for some applications the Loctite gave a bit more confidence eg retaining screws and adjustment screws holding covers and thumb levers in place on SRAM X0 9-speed shifters. I stripped one because it kept coming loose and I over tightened it to compensate. (Duh.)

Loctite on the replacement.

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