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New bike mechanic needed!

By jp - Posted on 23 October 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Can anyone recommend a good bike mechanic in Sydney?
I just found out my regular mechanic is leaving tomorrow, and I need to get my bike serviced next week. I have all the major drivetrain parts already, just need them fitted and everything checked over.

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You might struggle to find a shop happy to fit parts bought elsewhere but most would do it for labour costs.
Fitting drivetrains is pretty basic stuff though and can be done yourself with a $30 bike toolkit. I leave wheel truing, frame bearing changes and suspension servicing to the shop but will fit cassettes, chains, derailleurs, cranks etc. myself. Bleeding Shimano brakes is OK for the home mechanic but I wouldn't try Avids.

Ride in bike shop, Balgowlah.

Thanks guys.

+1 for Ride In Bike Shop

plus 3

Ride In Workshop guys are awesome. Friendly, cheap, quick turnaround and they know their stuff!

Plus one for Adrian at Belrose bicycles.

Jose is awesome. Great pricing, great chat.

Ride in - Legend

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the advice.

From is very good. He comes to my work in the CBD and is totally fine if you supply your own parts and very reasonable pricing if he has to supply parts. Great attention to detail and very nice guy.

Thanks Nick

Plus 4 for Ride in Workshop Balgowlah. Friendly, quick, honest and cheap. In fact sometimes they're so cheap I feel bad not paying more!

I just dropped my roadie and XC bikes in there yesterday for some work. Will keep you posted on the experience.

There is a rumour that a very good bike mechanic might be returning to my LBS after being away for a few years. The shop is walking distance from my house, so fingers crossed!

I've tried many bike shops around Western Sydney in an attempt to find a good mechanic but have come to the conclusion they are strong when it comes to road bikes but not mountain bikes. I even saw one pick a fresh set of pads out of a pack for my XTR brakes then proceed to hold the pad area with his thumb...

I even tried a highly regarded bike shop a couple of times on the north shore but came to the conclusion they are strong when it comes to the single brand of bike they sell but not other brands. I couldn't get my rear derailleur set up properly so took it in. Got it back not much better than my setup to be told the derailleur isn't meant to be used with my frame. Now I thought to myself I should tell Whyte Bikes in the UK they shouldn't sell their top end bikes with 2x10 XTR...

Finally I decided to do the long drive from Western Sydney to Manly to get Ride in Workshop to service my bike. Got it back and took it for a spin this morning. Shifter now working perfectly. Perhaps I don't need to tell Whyte Bikes about the XTR compatibility issue? I even noticed they had done some work they didn't even tell me about as it was clear they had removed some bolts, cleaned & regreased them. And the bill was a lot less than I was expecting for a full service including forks & shocks.

Despite the fact it's a long trip to get there I will stick with Ride in Workshop.

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