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Carbon Rim Failure

By jp - Posted on 25 October 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Well with 2 weeks til the Fling and after solid block of training, the front carbon rim on my Giant Anthem Advanced has failed - see attached photos. There was always a small "ridge" in the rim, like the one near the air valve, but where the spoke has popped out the ridge got bigger over time. I now suspect this might have been a manufacturing defect, since there are no ridges at all on the back rim. The bike is 2 years old. The failure happened unexpectedly - no crash or impact. I've written to Giant to ask if they have any advice... my experience with Giant in the past is that they are very helpful, especially with warranty issues. Hopefully I can find a quick solution that doesn't involve buying a new wheel.

But if Giant can't help me I will be on the lookout for a good deal on a light weight on a 27.5" front wheel - any advice on good options?

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I think you're right about a manufacturing defect. Is this directly opposite the valve hole?

You won't get it in time for the Fling but Light Bicycles rims have a good rep. I have a set for my race-day-only wheels and they're excellent. The local wheelbuilders seem to hold them in high regard.

Today I bumped into one of my occasional teams race partners-in-crime at the Dam and he has a set of LB rims on his Bronson.

However, I would expect Giant will look after you, and if you get the bike into the shop early this week (like tomorrow) you will most likely have something to ride on for the race.

There's a young bloke at our club selling a set of 27.5 Enve's but at $1000 I'm guessing they might be a bit too expensive.

Thanks for the responses.

Hawkeye - it's not directly opposite the valve, but close.

I've had a call back from Giant already this morning and the wheels are in motion (see what I did there?)

As I mentioned, I've had nothing but positive experiences with Giant in the past, so fingers crossed I can get this sorted in time for the Fling.

Gday mate
Do you know if those enves are still for sale?

As of Sunday they were.
I'll send you a PM with details of the young bloke (not a close contact of mine to be honest).

Giant has approved the warranty claim and shipped the replacement wheel today, so I should have it in time to train this weekend.

Fantastic support from Giant once again.

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