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Stuck Pedals

By Tristania - Posted on 25 October 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I cleverly didn't put enough grease on my pedal thread on my old bike and time has come for the pedals to be changed, and I've been informed that there is some spray or liquid or something that can be applied to help loosen them to take them off. Anyone able to think of what this is offhand?


or penetrol
or simply pour boiling water over them before attempting removal.

The best thing to do is take it to a bike shop that has a long arm pedal remover... I had the same problem, spent hours trying to get it off and put plenty of stress on my frame... Bike shop took about 10seconds with the right tool. Belrsoe bikes has one

Just checking that you are turning the pedals the in the correct direction. The threads are opposite on each side. The right side pedal need to be turned clockwise to remove it.

Don't listen to the man above, it's the other way.

Right hand thread on the right, left hand thread on the left.......unless the bike is upside down for some reason.

The easiest way to remove pedals is this...

  • Turn your bike upside down (Yes, I know! The horror!)
  • Insert your large hex key in the pedal spindle so the hex key handle hits the frame and the 'long part' of the key is pointing a little upward & forward in the direction of the bottom tube.
  • Put a rag on the bottom tube to protect it, turn the cranks so the hey key handle is on this rag. Adjust the orientation of the hex key if there's not enough gap between it and the bottom tube.
  • Push the hex key 'long part' downward towards the bottom tube.

Easy as. You can never get the direction wrong if you are pressing towards the bottom tube (which is actually up given the bike is upside down). The rag against the tube makes it really stable and gives loads of leverage. Has never failed for me.

Definitely a +1 for taking it to the LBS.

proper heavy duty pedal tool will get it off in a flash.

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