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Highland Fling

By Valoboy - Posted on 06 November 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

So how many people are heading to the Fling this weekend, Im heading down to do my first MTB race

.... it shows those who have put their hand up publicly. Probably a few others as well.

Good luck with your first race. As noted on the page linked above, don't go out to hard, it's a pretty tough finishing section.

Thanks Lach i may need some luck, im going into this with a brand new bike and I've only had 1 ride on it today so i hope it holds together, good luck to you to.

So the Fling was my first MTB race ever and i found out where i need to train more, hills and technical rocky areas. I had a pretty good day overall but i was a bit disappointed with my official time of 4:00:03, my actual bike computer time was 3:45. The first leg was 1:25 which wasn't too bad for an old bloke i suppose, about 5mins over my expectation but i was a bit unsure of the track and what lay ahead. I actually wrote a blog about my experience but it has disappeared somehow into cyberspace.
It went a bit pear shaped for me when i hit the slippery singles i started cramping then later on had a fall and hit my elbow on a rock and i suffered all the way back having to stop and stretch the cramps and contending with a stiffening forearm.
But i'll be back and now have my sights on a couple more races now the competitive juices are flowing again.

Was my first Fling (half) too. After seeing the course profile and reading you need to keep something in reserve for the climbs in final 10km I set out with a plan to pace myself and to have a break, a gel and a stretch every 40 minutes to ensure I made it without killing myself.
Finishing with a overall time of 4:12 (bike computor riding time was 3:45) I realised I was probably too conservative in my pacing and rest stops. In the final 10km I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself after passing about 20 riders including about 10 on "Your Call" - that is I WAS feeling pretty chuffed until Andy Blair (doing 100km) rode past me like I was standing still and shortly after positions 2 & 3 rode past in a flash. As I came up to the finish line there was a moment when the commentators and some in the crowd were getting real excited and cheering - I am thinking to myself "Gees, why are they making a lot of fuss about me" when ....... Lewis Cressie (4th in 100km) blasts past and up to the waiting cameras - Doh !!!
Anyway, I finished feeling pretty good and knowing that next year a few less stops and little more push should get me under the 4hr mark.
Andrew. No.665.

No doubt that i am going to attend. By the way it is also my first experience. Kudos!

Is it happening?

Entries are not open on the wild Horizons website...

According to website entries open 18 July.

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