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Chris king wheel build

By Jay83 - Posted on 14 November 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Have some shiny new chris king hubs, what rims should I lace them too for AM riding. Carbon or alloy?

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i laced my CK 20mm/QR rear to some mavic 823 EX rims.
no rim stripes involved..
Total bombproof training wheels..
on my training bike
its up to you, be a brand whore
or buy whats cheap, but always use brass nipples...

Carbon without doubt.

I run Light Bicycles carbon AM 27.5 rims on my Intense Tracer for 2 years without any issues. I raced all the Rocky Trail AM races and do some pretty big jumps and drops and they are still going. They come with one years warranty too!

Another vote for LB rims. I have a set on my RDO XC wheels. While they haven't had a lot of use, they're strong and stiff and well regarded by local bike shop wheel builders.

Brass nipples only with carbon rims.

Syntace W35 or Alex Supra 35? I still don't trust cheap carbon.,47/Al...

Cheers for the suggestions but have decided to go the new dt swiss xm481 wide alloys.
Pretty nice looking so hopefully they go well once wheels are built!

fairy1 I actually have real ENVE 60/40s on one of my bikes and Light Bicycles 35mm Carbon rims on another. Personally I think the quality of finish is much higher on the LB rims. I have had the LB rims for 2 years and never had an issue with them.

A made cracked an ENVE around the dam and it was replaced at cost, so around $500!

I also have LB carbon wheels on my Intense M16 DH bike, I cracked one after a heavy hit on a bike jump, totally my fault. They replaced the rim for the cost of postage only $30. For the money you cant go past the LB rims!

Go wide, and go carbon.

Got rid of my Enve's close to a year ago in favour of 40mm wide Ibis/Derby rims for my AM bike.
I did crack the rear on my 2nd ride. Manufacturing flaw obviously.
Even though the crack was quite bad, it still ran true, and I kept riding it another 2-3 times.

I would have considered another set of Enve as the AM pair I had ridden hard for two years, and they were still true and spun endlessly, but Enve is no longer leading the pack.
You could buy plenty of GOOD Chinese wheels that were hookless and wide well before Enve did them, and at a fraction of the cost.

Currently run Light Bicycle wheels on the DH bike. Heavy, but much lighter than the Alu MTX rims they replaced. Numerous rock strikes, pinch flats, hucks, stacks, os trips and general stupidity over the last 18 months and they're still going great.

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