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DH/Free ride knee pads

By Stixs9 - Posted on 29 November 2015

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has any knee pads that they would recommend on getting for mix of riding: trail, DH, and free ride.

I am after a knee pad that is not so bulky but still protects you when ya fall off. Let me know what you think..


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I wear 661 Rage knee pads for XC, trail, downhill. They are not the smallest/thinnest pad out there, but they never interfere with my pedalling and never get in the way. I have been wearing them every ride for a couple of years now and they are still as good as new.

I haven't found a 'one pad fits all' out there.
You'll have to compromise and have a pad too heavy fro trail, and not quite good enough for DH/FR
For me, DH is all about wearing as much armour as I practically can, so if I do come off I can keep riding. So far it's worked really well.
AM on the other hand has a lot of pedalling. I'd never survive the climbs in my DH gear.

These from Troy Lee are pretty close, depending on how hard you ride/crash.

The knee pads obviously won't do anything for your lower shin/ankle.

I use the Race Face Ambush pads.

They're pretty good for just general trail and free ride sort of stuff. NO real complaints about them - they fit well and are nice and sturdy. They're not bombproof DH strength but you're gonna have to compromise somewhere for an all-rounder.

Have tried heaps of different brands over the last 20 years and so far POC has been the best by far, super comfortable, and as I found out on the weekend, work really well.

Totally agree for downhill POC is the best!

The fit well, are comfortable, don't move and last!

Site is good for some referencing the different styles out there, I have just bought the Dainese Trail Skins, knee and elbow pads, so far they seem fairly good for general trail, all mountain stuff, thankfully haven't had to rely on them as yet.

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