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By hawkeye - Posted on 17 December 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I broke the saddle on my Scalpel awhile back, and bought a WTB Silverado carbon as a replacement but I can't get on with it. Nice and light but too firm for my soft butt.

The Prologo X8 that broke was very comfortable, but having broken one I'm a bit wary of getting the same again. Spesh are great for road use and I have one on the roadie but a bit wide for mtb riding for me. Anything over 135mm and I bang up my inside thighs too much.

So I'm looking for a longish saddle 275-280mm suitable for XC use with enough padding to enable me to survive a 4-6 hours in the saddle in just knicks, no wider than 135mm that doesn't weigh too much.



This is is my choice been using them for years ..

I tried an Adamo saddle a few years ago and am a huge fan. They are unconventional - look a little like the Millennium Falcon! They are designed so your perineum doesn't contact the saddle and therefore no problems with nerves etc. You sit on the rails using the front of your sit bones so they are terrible for the first couple of weeks but once your sit bones are used to the different contact area they are extremely comfortable.

I loaned one to @balckflash but he doesn't like it so maybe he can bring it on Sunday and you can take it to play for a while.

The SDG Circuit should be right up your alley

I've got a whole selection of saddles at home. I can post a list up on Saturday

Have you had a look on the Bikebug website? They're having a big saddle sale.

Had a Fizik Gobi on for the past 3 years.
The padding is firm, but thick.

+1 for the rocket

I have a Fizik Tundra2 you can have if you like, it's only got about 20km on it. PM me if you want it.

I used to love the Rocket V but recently put on an SDG Bel Air and prefer it... a little more comfy and maybe a little easier to get off the back of the seat.

DudeistPriest........I will happily take the Tundra2 off your hands! Happy to drop you some coin for it. Have been riding a Gobi for years and picked up a Tundra2 for my second bike....and I love it! seems to agree with my butt more than the more expensive Gobi!

Flick me a PM if you're keen to get rid of it. Eye-wink

I've ridden Gobis for years too, and agree they are firm Smiling They're probably as firm as I can realistically go.

Thanks for the offers, really appreciate the generosity.

The WTB Rocket might be too short based on your stated criteria. Otherwise a good candidate as it is available in three widths, 130, 142 & 150mm and several levels of padding and rail material. I have a Speed V which is the same shape, but only available in the middle size. I have a spare at the moment that you are welcome to try though. The speed is also softer and heavier than the Rocket, but if you can sit comfotably on the Speed then you should be fine on the Rocket.

What about an SMP Hell?

I run these on all my bikes, They do take a while to break in(500-1000km)but once they do they are super comfortable. I don't know why but for some reason different versions seem to have a different feel (Could just be in my head).

Now you're messing with my head!

1,000km on this thing.... urrrgh!

Tell me about it just built a new bike and fitted a new silverado. In the first 50km all the memories of the break in period come back to me. Look being totally honest my first one I took off within 100km as it was killing me. Only put it back on because I needed a saddle on a build that I had no saddle for. Its now been on that bike for 3 years and i slowly converter all my bikes to silverado's my other saddles just don't work for me anymore.

I've taken the $30 no-name off and put the Silverado back on. Will be wearing trail shorts with a kind-of chamois in it over the top of roadie knicks tomorrow, so hopefully that's enough to take the painful edge off this arse anvil until it "breaks in".

Last time I rode the saddle it was knicks only on a humid day and my butt was so sore I couldn't sit down by the end of 60-odd km and I needed steroid lotion to settle the pressure spots.

Hmmm.... Puzzled

Ive had those days before. I invested in chamois cream the last time i ended up like that, come to think of it I was breaking in another silverado in then too( 5 laps at mount annan on a mid 30 deg day). The humid days are the killer. Hope your getting out early tomorrow, the weatherman predicted 40 degrees tomorrow, I rode tonight to beat the heat. Now past the first 100km on the new silverado. Still uncomfortable but better tonight then the last ride.

How did you end up going with that saddle?

if I wear my thickest padded bibknicks plus my NZO trail shorts, which have an additional thin pad, as noted above.

If I add up the weight savings from the saddle and subtract the additional weight from the shorts I'm probably 350g or so behind. Evil

But it does look cool I suppose.

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