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Garmin Segments

By Captain Chunder - Posted on 29 December 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi All,

I have a Garmin 510, its software is all up to date is no longer recognizing segments that I ride. It used to, but for some reason it has stopped. When I finish a ride where I know I have passed through segments that either I have created or others have it says "no segments were crossed".

Any ideas or help????


... much better for segments

As Lach says, use Strava segments.

Now that Garmin have started showing 'live' Strava segments on their Edge devices, the Garmin segments are superfluous.

Just to add...

To get live Strava segments on your Garmin device you have to be a premium Strava user. Garmin's live segments are free (as they should be given you bought a Garmin device).

Also, if you're following a course Strava live segments don't work at all (least they don't on an Edge 520).

TBH, at this time the integration between Garmin & Strava leaves a lot to be desired. Nothing is perfect.

To get back to the OP's question though. Did you check the segments are still there in your device? Maybe they got deleted or disabled somehow?

When it comes to technology I am a dinosaur......

I have linked my Garmin account to my strava account, but I don't want to pay the subscription fees to have Strava Premium - I don't need live segments as I am riding, but would like to check my times after I have ridden - so will normal "cheap arse" ie FREE strava work?


Yeah, no problem.

Upload your ride when you get home and it'll show you a list of all the segments you went though. Click on eack segment to get a more detailed view.

do I upload to garmin or to Strava? Or given that they are linked do I just do the standard garmin upload?

Thanks again

Upload through Garmin Express and it will then sync with Strava.

If they're linked, then you're right, upload to Garmin and it should appear on your Strava activities.

Just noticed you have a 510. Is it paired to your phone?

If it is, after each ride, it should automatically upload via the phone to Garmin Connect and then sync with Strava a couple of minutes later.

You will need to link your Strava account to your Garmin Connect account.

Rather than Garmin Express I use Garmin Connect app for Android.

All linked - now just to go for a ride.

Think the Roadie will get used tomorrow as Terrey Hills sounds a little to muddy....

Fingers crossed it all works

Thanks all

Just come into Permitter at the Japanese School and Perimeter and long are OK.

Avoid Sandy trail, that bog just past the concrete driveway is very deep and muddy at the moment.

Also some one has posted that Centre and Duck Holes are OK

Did a very cruisy hour with Locust Boy - recorded it on Garmin, it sync'd with Garmin app and then linked up with Strava!!! YAY!!!

Thanks all!!


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