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Reverb post stuck

By MrMez - Posted on 31 December 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Upgraded my dropper post to a 150mm reverb stealth.

First ride today, worked fine until almost at the end, it wouldn't come back up. Even pulling did nothing.

Had a look tonight, and managed to pull it out by hand with a little force, but now it won't go down.
I've tried the following:

Bled the remote
Bled the entire system
Topped up the air
Let all the air out
And generally checked over everything I can think of, still no joy.

The system bled fine, and the remote had a reasonable amount of pressure to it.

Any ideas?


I had similar multiple issues with mine and on each occasion the shop/manufacturer was unable to determine the cause of the problem so they replaced it, three times.

So sorry no idea how you might be able to fix it, however, hopefully you have a similar warranty experience to my own, which I was very pleased with, even though I was very annoyed the damn thing kept breaking down.

You should have no issue with sending it back for warranty, especially if you just bought it, they seem to be quite hit and miss, some of them work for months and months and others crap out easily.

Things to check though, are you using the correct oil, 2.5wt is the one, and make sure that when you bleed it you push the remote a few times let it go and push on the syringe and then remove to make sure there is enough oil in the remote.

NB wear safety glasses if you don't have the lock on syringes as getting the oil in your eye is no fun at all ....


My first MTB had avid brakes, so I'm an expert at bleeding them Eye-wink
Post came with a full bleed kit inc 5.1 fluid. Not sure it comes in different weights though.

Anyway, kinda bummed since I've got a bit of time to ride the next few days. Bought it online, so don't want to pay a shop $ if im not certain they can fix it.
Previous 2 posts were CB Joplin (lever under the seat), which were notoriously unreliable. Last one was on for 3 years, no dramas, no maintenance.

Is the seat post clamp too tight? It will bind if it is.

Ended up sending it back to CRC.
Cost $70. They will refund at Royal Mail rates, which probably ends up bing $5.50 Eye-wink
I love to buy local, but I can send the next 2 posts back and still come out even. And that's without any postage refund.

Doubt the clamp was too tight. Didn't even leave a mark on the surface after I removed it, and obviously showed no indentations etc. Once the post was stuck down it didn't want to come back up, and once it was up I couldn't get it to budge at all. Most of the work i did trying to fix it was with the post out of the bike.

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