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Camelbak Palos (bum bag) what are your thoughts?

By Pete B - Posted on 06 January 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I've just been reading about Camelbak's new pack.

I'm trying to transition to riding without a backpack but this could be an interesting alternative.


...did you say "Bum Bag"?????

I think he meant fanny pack.

Yeah, I'm not American so I'm not calling it a 'fanny pack'! Sticking out tongue

to get your mouth all the way down their and suck.

I'm betting you're the happiest bloke alive. Eye-wink

A mate doesn't like to wear a backpack while racing - too hot or something, so uses one of these in those instances.

He added a beltclip retractable ID holder to secure the hose - made it easier to get it where it is supposed to go easier.

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