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James Estate track.

By chrischris - Posted on 11 January 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi peoples.

I'm looking at the Jetblack 24hr coming up at the James Estate Winery. I'm just interested in the track...

Is it similar in elevation / tightness / bumpiness to Awaba?
Why - why not?


It's been a while since I've ridden there, however, I thought overall it was a bit more difficult than Awaba, maybe about the same level as Ourimbah, which will only mean something to you if you've ridden Ourimbah.

When I was out there is was very dry and the surface was quite loose which may have given the impression it was more difficult than it actually is, however, I don't remember it being overly technical. I don't recall having to climb anything like the Camel Back either.

I rode the 2016 Jetblack track yesterday, once you get away from the vines the track was loose with riversand material in many places, watch the front end! Some nice gnarly rocky sections and fun corners, many with berms. There are no big climbs like Awaba. Overall its a tough grind of a lap, but really great fun.
Graham has done an awesome job carving these trails. However there are rumours this is the last event to be staged there, I hope someone can prove me wrong.

Are the fire trail / road sections well graded? Or generally bumpy with potholes? I like my rigid fork, but I'll probably change it. Smiling

Are the tracks able to be ridden outside of events?

The car park is where they have the tasting (of wines). There is a rest room at the rear (handy for cleaning up wounds and changing).

Call into the shop to tell them your there and for directions to the trail head. They also can supply a map of the trails. Drop in when your finished so they know your not stuck out there. I think, but don't hold me to it, the tracks are open only when the wine tasting is open. They are nice people, friendly and are really pleased if you like their track.

The builders don't know what a straight line is and 180 degree corners are common.The surface was loose before Christmas so take your time the and learn the tracks.

It can get hot so take plenty of fluids for the ride and cold drinks for the post ride.

Sandy Hollow is close by if you need replenish drinks and have something to eat

James Estate wine is excellent. Worth having a tasting while your there.

It must be close to harvesting time, their busiest time, so be considerate.

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